Camilla’s Skincare Routine // The Basics

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If you’ve been reading All Dolled Up for any length of time you will know two things: that Julia has the least reactive skin in the world and that I have the most reactive skin in the world (I’ve always had a flair for the dramatics). You’d think that I’d be more sensible about managing my rosacea, but I’m just like everybody else: I also get sucked in the clever marketing, and I also believe that the miracle product will work for me. For the longest time I didn’t stick to a particular routine and would just reach for the whatever new product we’d been sent at the time (#blessed), and, predictably, became frustrated when I didn’t see the results I wanted. Combined with this, I had been on antibiotics to manage my rosacea for the better part of a decade, which in itself is quite shocking.

Towards the end of last year, spurred on by my mother (who has the most aspirational skin of all time – honestly, it’s flawless) I decided to get my act together and get myself onto a proper routine. My mother has been using Environ Skin Care for as long as I can remember, so I decided to follow in her footsteps, and promptly booked myself in for a facial at the Environ Skin Care Institute on Bree Street. The aesthetician, Nina, gave me the best facial I’ve ever had, and recommended the products I would need to get started: a cream cleanser, toner, moisturiser, SPF and serum/treatment. Simple, right? Exactly.

The Enivron programme is designed to slowly introduce Vitamin A, arguably the most critical skincare ingredient, through their Vitamin Step-Up System. The aim of this approach is to allow the skin to gradually become more comfortable with increasing dosages of Vitamin A, thereby reducing the risk of an adverse reaction. To read more about the Vitamin Step-Up System and how it works, head on over here.

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As I hadn’t used Vitamin A before, Nina started me on the lowest dose, Debut. This moisturiser has a low concentration of Vitamin A, as well as Vitamin C, Vitamin E and a combination of antioxidants to combat those pesky free radicals. This moisturiser is designed to be used both day and night, so Nina also gave me some Colostrum Gel (soothing and hydrating serum) to mix in at night, and the RAD Antioxidant Sunscreen SPF15 to mix in during the day. She also recommended that I use the Revitalising Toner every night to help refine my skin’s texture (it’s a fruit acid toner, so it encourages very gentle exfoliation). I also bought the Gentle Cream Cleanser and the Firming Eye Gel.

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So, there I was with a whole new regime and no antibiotics in sight – I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a little bit apprehensive. However I need not have been because my skin has gone from strength to strength, and I haven’t had any rosacea flare ups! Sure, I’ve had the odd hormonal break-out here and there, but nothing that hasn’t settled down and disappeared within a couple of days. The biggest improvement I’ve seen is in the texture and tone of my skin – it looks and feels soft and even, and dare I say, glowing. I know reading that must make you roll your eyes and think I am a conceited cow, but I only say it to emphasise the huge changes I’ve noticed.

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I have been having monthly facials with Nina, and under her supervision and guidance, I have now upgraded to the Mild Day Moisturiser and Mild Night Moisturiser, and I have also incorporated the Super Moisturiser+ and Hydrating Oil Capsules into my routine to help alleviate the effects of the colder weather. At the moment, I am using the Super Moisturiser+ every other day, either in the morning or the evening, depending on how my skin feels. The Hydrating Oil Capsules are probably one of the most comforting, indulgent skincare items I have ever used – the oil is thick and luxurious, and feels so pleasurable to apply. I use one capsule every second or third evening, again, depending on how my skin is feeling.

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As for the facials, I alternate between the Hands-On Vitamin Therapy Facial, a manual facial, and the Ultimate Vitamin Therapy Facial, a machine facial which used electric current and sound waves to transport vitamins into the skin. The Ultimate Vitamin Therapy Facial isn’t as pleasant as the Hands-On Vitamin Therapy Facial (lots of lovely massaging), but the results are extraordinary. If you would like more information about these treatments, let me know and I will gladly oblige.

I haven’t been paid/sponsored to write this post, and all products and facials have been paid for by me. I am so happy with my decision to move over to Environ – I feel like I’ve made a really good skincare investment, and I am looking forward to progressing through the Vitamin Step-Up System and seeing what further changes/improvements are in store for me.

Are any of you using Environ? If so, what are your favourite products?

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  • Hanneri

    Thank you for a very informative post. I used the Debut moisturiser a few years ago but I think my timing was wrong – it was in winter and I did not find it moisturising enough. After winning a free Hands-On Vitamin Therapy Facial I started reading about Environ again and was surprised to find that it is good for problem skin. I have ordered myself the C-Quence serum 1 and C-Quence creme (as I want to introduce more antioxidants into my skincare routine)., I would really like to try the Hydrating Oil Capsules as well to combat dry winter skin.

    • Camilla (author)

      Keep me posted on how you get on! I also didn’t find Debut moisturising enough at first, but my skin soon adjusted. However, I do think that the Hydrating Oil Capsules are a must for winter.

  • Siobhan Hughes

    Right from when I was a teenager, my ex-beauty therapist mother believed I had to have monthly deep cleanses and follow a strict skincare routine. Of course, back then, I would deviate from it, and I would also often forget to wash off my makeup up until about 3 years ago (when I became a stickler for it – even after a very late and rough night, my friends laugh at me because I won’t even forget to apply eye cream!)

    I tried a number of different products when I was younger, and Environ just wasn’t right for me. The products made me break out even worse than I was at that teenage-hormonal time, and irritated my skin. Even just having an Environ facial would result in red skin and breakouts that lasted weeks.

    Dermalogica is even worse for me – I break out in a rash with their products, and my skin can’t even handle their Ultracalming range.

    I ended up going to a salon that specialised in Guinot products and treatments, and my skin fell in love. I’d have a Guinot deep cleanse facial and my skin would be glowing and beautiful upon leaving, and stay that way for ages.

    I don’t use any of their products now, but I’m dying to start up on them again.

    -Siobhan – Sugar and Spice blog

    • Camilla (author)

      Your mother sounds like my kind of woman! I also struggle with Dermalogica – it’s too harsh for my skin. Sounds to me like Guinot might be your ‘One’ – once you find something that makes your skin glow like that, never let it go!

  • Jolene Krantz

    Thank you so much for this post.
    I too have been blessed with rosacea and very sensitive skin.
    I have been wanting to start a proper skincare regime but am not sure what to try.
    Perhaps i will look into Environ and give them a try.
    Thank you

    • Camilla (author)

      That’s a pleasure, Jolene – I’m glad you enjoyed it. If you do decide to give Environ a try, please keep me posted on how you get on!

      • Jolene Krantz

        Will do x

  • Kelly Hook

    I have been using Environ since Std 5 – now on Classic Day & Night and the Retinol 2, with a few other potions and serums thrown in. The Derma-Lac lotion is a no.1 product for exfoliating winter skin. Vitamin A is life.
    My only complaint about the range is, given that its developed IN South Africa, a SPF higher than 15 is surely warranted?

    • Camilla (author)

      Good woman! Vitamin A IS life – we should get t-shirts printed or something. I was also a little apprehensive about SPF15, but I took it to Mozambique over Christmas (blistering heat) and my face never burnt. Puzzling, yet pleasing.

    • Camilla (author)

      Oh PS, try layering a body lotion over Derma-Lac – you will never have softer skin!

  • Elizabeth

    So glad to find someone else using Environ. I’m only using their night cream. I’m on mild night. I find that they’re not very moisturising so I will definitely have to look at the Super Moisturiser+ and the Hydrating Oil Capsules.

    • Camilla (author)

      I hope they help! Keep me posted.

  • Anne Smith

    Love Environ products! Also love the way they are much more affordable than other brands.

    • Camilla (author)

      Totally! Affordable and efficient.

  • Bianca

    My mother also swears by Environ – I am a huge fan of Nimue currently. How often do you go for facials?

  • Frances

    Thanks for a lovely post. I love the Debut and am quiet reluctant to change up. But I know for winter I will need to add a moisturizing treatment. Your post has given me some direction. I have incorporated the Alpha Hydroxy Cream into my evening routine and it’s awesome!

  • PippaG

    Love this post, just confirms why I’m a dedicated Environ fan. Been using for about 15 years, my mom used to send it to me when I lived in London:) I’ve been on the Ultra range for a while, but just recently had a baby so the hormones went cray and I dropped to Rich which sorted it out. I’m also using the cquence eye cream which i love, and will def take your advice re the capsules. Funnily enough some people don’t like the smell but that’s never been an issue for me… I hate the idea of chemical fragrance in face care! South African skincare made for South Africa skins, no brainer xx

  • Suzette Smith

    I heard the most awesome things about Environ. Thought I’ll give it a try as my then skincare didn’t sort out my extremely oily forehead. Went to a salon stocking the Environ range and I was advised to use the BActive range until my oil is under control. What a total dissappointment. From the word go I had severe breakouts, not to mention the increase in oil all over my face. I became so self conscious about my skin that I decided to visit the salon again. I told them that after 7 weeks of using the BActive range my skin just kept on getting worse. They told me that I just have to stick it out. On my question asking how long I can expect to look like a teenager, as I already turned 38 earlier in April, the one therapist said it can take up to a year…..what a dissapointing answer and no alternative in trying to help me solve my problem. My skin got so bad that I needed to get an Schedule 4 antibiotic oitment to clear up the problem. Needless to say…I did not have a pleasant experience with Environ. But hey, everybody is different. My one friend’s skin problems got sorted with Environ in no time. Unfortunately my skin didn’t “like” Environ.

    • Anel

      I also started with the BActive range, but I had severe breakouts and it turns out I am allergic to tea tree oil, which is one of the main ingredients. I switched to debut and what a change! Now I am on the classic day and night, revitalizing toner, colostrum gel, Alpha Hydroxy Cream at night and c-quence eye cream. I have tried every product from Dermalogica to Nimue to Clinique and even Estee Lauder etc. I love Environ, but I think I once read Caroline Hirons (whom I also love) isn’t a fan of the mineral oils they use? But I’ll never change to anything else though.

  • Tamsin

    I’m an Environ convert (currently on Rich Day & Rich Night creams) but definitely need to expand into the oil capsules and toner! I also put SPF 50 on top because SUN.

  • Dianne

    I’ve heard so many good things about Environ. I also have very sensitive skin and rosacea so it’s great to hear that your skin has responded well to Environ. One question, do you find it easy enough to apply foundation over the combination of day cream and sunscreen? I always worry about an oily/shiny layer.

    • Camilla (author)

      Hi Dianne. I have extremely dry skin, so I don’t find applying makeup over the day cream/sunscreen combo to be a problem, as it literally sinks right into my skin. If your skin is more combination/oily, you might find the combo a little bit greasy, however I’m confident that a little bit mattifying powder should sort it out.

  • Lisa

    I know this is out of date but I have been doing a lot of skin care research lately, trying to find the perfect ratio of price to effectiveness. I currently use Clarins, which is a little pricey for me and about 2 months into using only Clarins I was diagnosed with perioral dermatitis – I think it was just coincidence as my skin has recovered a little whilst staying on Clarins, but I can’t help thinking that the fragrances in the product aren’t doing anything to help my breakouts.
    I have been looking at Environ as it seems to support problem skin – but would love to contact someone who is an Environ expert, and can advise on exactly which products would be beneficial for me.

    • Camilla (author)

      Hi Lisa. Where are you based? I see Nina at the Environ Skin Institute in Cape Town (021 422 5787). If you’re not based in CT, I would recommend calling them and they can give you the details of an accredited facialist/stockist near you. Best of luck!

  • Agnes

    I am 35 years old and have been using Environ for around 4 years. I started on the original step up range. I currently use foaming gel cleanser, ultra day moisturiser and RAD sunscreen. For exfoliation I use alpha hydroxy gel and balancing masque. Really enjoying the range. My skin always looks glowy. For added moisture in winter i use super moisture.

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