Content Policy

Our content policy is as follows:

  • We feature strictly beauty-related content i.e. no fashion or lifestyle posts
  • Unless otherwise stated, all products mentioned and reviewed on this website are bought by us without any compensation.
  • In cases where a PR sample has been supplied, this will be clearly indicated.
  • The vast majority of our posts are product reviews in some form or another, and to that end we will gladly accept products for consideration however we will not do so in exchange for coverage. Product mentions are purely at our discretion.
  • For obvious ethical reasons, we do not accept product or financial remuneration in exchange for reviews. Sponsored posts may take the form of a review where the product warrants it (i.e. if we trial it and are impressed enough to recommend it) but usually this kind of content is used in an advertorial context.
  • We do not mention or review products that we haven’t personally tested. The same is true for any kind of sponsored content, including banner ads.
  • We tend not to mention products that we did not enjoy or that were generally unremarkable; we prefer to promote the products that we love instead.
  • We do not publish third party content or press releases, and also prefer to use our own photography where possible, rather than brand imagery.
  • All opinions are our own and 100% honest, based on our personal experience.

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  • Sandy Stack

    Hello Camilla and Jules,
    I have a fabulous range of Luxury sunless tanning products which I would like to show you. Could you please give me your email address, so that I can send some photos and information as a start to you.
    Kind regards,


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