Review: Clinique High Impact Extreme Volume Mascara

Clinique High Impact Extreme Volume Mascara

Julia and I aren’t exactly what you would call faithful when it comes to mascara brands – we are constantly on the look out for the next best thing. My two favourites, up until now, were Maybelline Great Lash and L’Oreal Extreme Million Lashes. Julia’s was Max Factor Masterpiece Mascara.

But that’s all changed…we’ve both fallen hook, line and sinker for the Clinique High Impact Extreme Volume Mascara. This mascara promises the most extreme volume (hence the name) and “wraps lashes in instant, jaw-dropping drama”. As usual, Julia and I did our reviews separately and did not consult each other. Here’s what we thought:


Formula and application: The formula is quite wet but dries relatively quickly so you won’t be left with any smudges or panda eyes. It can be a little difficult to remove, but I have found that an oil-based make-up remover does the best job of shifting it. I was a little alarmed when I saw the size of the wand – it’s massive!  It’s covered with lots of tiny plastic bristles, and has a domed tip that grabs even the tiniest of lashes. I applied two coats and was delighted with the effect – my lashes looked long and voluminous, with not a clump in sight! Winning!

Longevity: It stayed put from 7am until 11pm, and survived a gym work-out in between. And all with no flaking or smudging – a rare feat. Very impressed.

Value for money: As a rule I don’t spend a lot of money on mascara, but I do feel like this one is worth it. At R280 it is steep, but it really does deliver.

Overall thoughts: Well played, Clinique. Well played. I think I’ve found The One…

Score: 9/10


Formula and application: The mascara itself is quite wet and glossy which I like (I can’t handle dry mascara formulas – hello clumps!) and the plastic-bristle wand is very good at gripping lashes during application. In fact, maybe a little too good! For example, if I stroke the mascara on gently it looks great but if I do that trick where you wiggle the wand up from the base, it deposits way too much product on my waif-like lashes and can get a bit clumpy.

Longevity: Excellent – I wear it most days and it never flakes or smudges or fades. It even outlasts most eye make-up removers so I find it best to take it off with oil-based products like MAC Cleanse-Off Oil.

Value for money: Considering that it’s extremely good at what it does, I would say it’s fantastic value for money.

Overall thoughts: I just love it. It makes my skinny lashes looked thick and fluttery without feeling crusty, and I never have to worry about getting panda eyes. You couldn’t want much more from a mascara, quite frankly.

Score: 10/10

Here’s a little before and after for you…


After Images via and me.