Trend Report: Glitter Nails

I’m just a LITTLE bit obsessed with sparkly manicures at the moment. Pretty much every time I paint my nails (which is about once a week) I add a glittery top coat or go full dazzletard with all-over shimmering polish. Something I haven’t tried yet but seems to be popular is the “ombre mani” done with a glitter – here’s a great tutorial by The Nailasaurus or check out Pinterest for inspiration.

Some of my favourite sparkly polishes are from Inglot, Mavala, Essie and OPI. A word of caution though: don’t be fooled by cheap imitations. Many of the budget beauty brands sell sparkly polishes that look great in the bottle but once applied, you’ll quickly be able to see why it was cheap in the first place. The glitter particles are few and far between which means you land up with a few sparse sequins on the nail instead of a galaxy of glitter. Rather invest in the best.

Glitter Nails

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3 comments on Trend Report: Glitter Nails

  • Michaela

    Glitter polish is great, but it’s a pain to remove. Essence have a peel off basecoat that is great – no hectic rubbing with polish remover to get it off.

    • Jules (author)

      Ugh it’s my absolute WORST! I’ve been dying to find a better way of removing glitter polish so that is an awesome tip. I’m going to buy it and see how it works. Thanks Michaela!

      • Michaela

        It’s basically just wood glue & water, so you could even try to make your own!

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