Favourite Five: Lush hair products

By now you’ve probably all heard that Lush have opened a store in the V&A Waterfront, much to the delight of the brand’s South African fans. I used to avoid Lush when I lived in London as I always found the smell of the store really overwhelming, and I’ve heard this from a lot of other people too. The strong scents and bright colours of the products also give the impression that everything is full of nasty chemicals and synthetic ingredients.

The truth is that not only are Lush’s products ALL NATURAL (and organic where possible) but they’re handmade with absolutely NO animal testing and, in my experience, are very effective. You have to dive in and just start smelling individual products, pick a few that appeal to you and then try them at home. You won’t regret it! Read this if you want to know more about the brand’s values.

Here is a selection of my favourite Lush haircare products (I almost exclusively use Lush on my hair these days) and a quick breakdown of each:

Seanik shampoo

This is a solid shampoo (sounds weird but it works beautifully) that gives extra body and is fab for everyday use.

Seanik solid shampoo

Hero ingredients: Sea salt, Irish moss, nori seaweed & lemon oil
What’s so great about it? Very volumising, super portable, lasts for 80 washes and smells delish
So what’s the bad news? Probably wouldn’t suit very coarse or dry hair as the salt in the shampoo can be extra drying
Special mention: Great for traveling and guys love it too!
Price: R75 (55g)

I Love Juicy shampoo

A zingy clarifying shampoo that cleans away grease and strips styling product build-up without drying out the hair.

I Love Juicy shampoo

Hero ingredients: Freshly juiced paw-paw, pineapple juice, kiwi juice, mango juice and sweet orange oil
What’s so great about it? Buy it for the smell alone, with the bonus that it leaves your hair super shiny and squeaky clean – literally.
So what’s the bad news? If used too regularly it can be overly clarifying so only use it when needed e.g. once every 7-10 days.
Special mention: They blend together all the fruit and then strain the fresh juice to add to the shampoo base – no synthetic colours or fragrances required!
Price: R60 (100g), R115 (250g), R175 (500g)

American Cream conditioner

A creamy, medium-strength conditioner that smells like a strawberry vanilla milkshake and leaves your hair silky smooth.

American Cream conditioner

Hero ingredients: Honey water, vanilla, fresh organic oranges, fresh strawberries, clary sage and lavender oils
What’s so great about it? Thick and creamy but won’t weigh down your hair (even fine, flyaway strands like mine)
So what’s the bad news? Made with lanolin so isn’t great for vegans (for those so inclined, try their Veganese conditioner)
Special mention: Most other conditioners on the market use silicones to get instant but ultimately disappointing results. Lush uses a careful blend of natural oils, seaweed gel and herbal infusions to make theirs work and improve your hair’s condition for the long run.
Price: R60 (100g), R110 (250g), R180 (500g)

Retread conditioner

A hardcore deep conditioning cream for when your hair needs some extra TLC.

Retread conditioner

Hero ingredients: Seaweed, soya milk (for protein), olive, jojoba and avocado oils, fresh melon juice and organic yoghurt
What’s so great about it? It’s super nourishing and great for giving hair a real pampering every now and then
So what’s the bad news? If applied to the roots it can weigh the hair down so stick to the lengths and ends for the best results.
Special mention: Retread can be used as a pre-wash treatment too – just apply to dry hair and rinse out with a gentle shampoo after half an hour.
Price: R135 (245g)

Marilyn hair moisturiser

Especially for blondes like myself, this is a fresh, lemony pre-wash treatment that keeps brassy, orange tones from building up in your hair.

Marylin hair moisturiser

Hero ingredients: Chamomile (for shine), saffron, fresh organic lemon juice and organic extra virgin olive oil.
What’s so great about it? It smells fantastic and is very brightening. You just pop it on while you’re doing the dishes, reading a book or taking a bath, then rinse it out and wash as usual after 20 minutes (or longer if you’d like)
So what’s the bad news? This won’t work for brunettes but Lush have plenty of other options for you darker-haired ladies: Check it out
Special mention: Load up your hair with Marilyn and pass the time by listening to this interview with the inventor.
Price: R125 (245g)

There you have it. Spread the word ladies; Lush is AMAZING! You can follow them on Facebook and Twitter for updates on new products and other newsworthy titbits.

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