Introducing the Foreo LUNA™ 2

There are a few companies in the world who have turned their industries upside down through innovative thinking and a refusal to settle for the status quo. Apple, Uber, Virgin, Netflix and Warby Parker are all names you probably know but another industry disrupter you might not have heard of is Foreo (“For Every One”); a beauty and wellbeing technology company whose mission is to create groundbreaking, accessible solutions that bring happiness and benefit to our everyday lives. Most well known for their game-changing silicone toothbrushes and vibrating cleansing devices, this trailblazing brand is now available in SA through Dermastore AKA the best skincare site I’ve ever used, and they’ve asked us to tell you all about it:

Foreo Luna 2 - Dermastore - All Dolled Up

How does it work?

If you’ve ever used a sonic toothbrush and marveled at how much cleaner your teeth feel when you use it, even compared to an electric toothbrush, then you’ll have experienced the cleaning power of sonic vibrations. It’s these electronic vibrations, combined with the super soft silicone touchpoints, that allow the Foreo LUNA™ 2 to give your skin a deep but very gentle clean. While the bristles skim over the surface of your skin, helping your cleanser to more effectively break down dirt and impurities, 8,000 T-Sonic™ (transdermal sonic) pulsations per minute shake loose any debris within the pores. The result is much cleaner skin without irritation and pores that are not only free from blockages that can make them look larger, but are better able to absorb the products you layer on next.

Close up of touchpoints on Foreo Luna 2 - Dermastore - All Dolled Up

What does it do?

The main function of the LUNA™ 2 is of course its very effective cleansing action, but it also has an anti-ageing feature on its reverse side which uses lower-frequency pulsations to massage the face, further improving the absorption of your skincare. This is particularly useful when used in combination with active ingredients whose effectiveness can be improved when more of the product is delivered to the skin. The sonic vibrations have shown to increase microcirculation (a well-known benefit for cellular-level functioning) at a rate impossible to do with your hands and with no adverse side effects. When both modes are used daily for a total of two minutes (one minute to cleanse, one minute in anti-ageing mode), Foreo reports that users experience smoother, firmer, more radiant and elastic skin.

Anti-aging side of the Foreo Luna 2 - Dermastore - All Dolled Up

How do you use it?

Step 1: Apply your cleanser to wet skin (avoid any products that contain clay or any scrubby particles i.e. physical exfoliants)
Step 2: Wet the LUNA™ 2 and activate cleansing mode by pressing the central button once. You can increase or decrease the intensity of the vibrations using the +/- buttons.
Step 3: Gently glide the LUNA™ 2’s cleansing surface in circular motions over your face for one minute – you’ll feel a triple buzz from the device when a minute is up.
Step 4: Rinse and dry your face and apply your skincare.
Step 5: Activate the LUNA™ 2’s anti-ageing mode by pressing the central button again (the base will glow while it is on standby between modes). Press its anti-aging surface onto wrinkle-prone areas – for me that’s next to my eyes, either side of my mouth, on my forehead and between my eyebrows – for one minute. It’ll buzz again to let you know when a minute is up.
Step 6: Rinse the LUNA™ 2 clean (or wash with soapy water if you need to) and leave to dry.

Foreo Luna 2 - Dermastore - All Dolled Up

Is it good value?

The LUNA™ 2 costs R3,400. As with any purchase, the issue of value is something you need to decide for yourself. In this case, it depends on things like your skincare needs, your likelihood of using the device consistently and your budget. Here are some things that are worth considering when making this evaluation:

  • The LUNA™ 2 is guaranteed to last for a decade minimum and, for that reason, it has a 10 Year Quality Guarantee. It also has a 2 Year Limited Warranty.
  • If you do the maths, it works out to a cost of R1 per day over 10 years.
  • The upfront cost is a once-off investment – there are no expensive brush heads to replace and consistent use could mean that you spend less money on unnecessary (and less effective) skincare products in the long run.

Foreo Luna 2 - Dermastore - All Dolled Up

What else do I need to know?

There’s even more to the story:

  • The device is made of ultra-hygienic silicone which is nonporous to resist bacteria buildup and is 35 times more hygienic than standard nylon cleansing brushes. The plush silicone touchpoints are also so, SO soft!
  • Apart from unclogging pores and more effectively cleaning your skin, the touchpoints help to gently exfoliate dead skin cells, refining skin texture and leaving your face beautifully smooth.
  • It comes in four models with cleansing brushes tailored to specific skin types: Normal, Combination, Oily & Sensitive. There’s also a black one for men and the little LUNA™ mini 2 which comes in mint green, pink and black.
  • The 100% waterproof design means it can live in your shower (like mine) or be used in the bath or at your sink – it slots right into your routine wherever is most convenient for you.
  • Unlike most other facial cleansing devices, it only needs to be charged every seven months or so – one full charge (which only takes an hour) lasts up to 450 uses.
  • There are 12 adjustable levels of intensity so you can customise the vibration speed for your skin.

This post is sponsored by Dermastore.