Disappointing Products No. 2

The latest round of beauty products and tools that didn’t cut the mustard.

Products mentioned:

Pat McGrath Labs Skin Fetish 003 (please enjoy how much better the packaging is now)
Wet n Wild Photo Focus Foundation
Lancôme Teint Idole Ultra Cushion Foundation
Clinique 2-in-1 Cleansing Micellar Gel + Light Makeup Remover
Mio Body Brush
Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask
Crabtree & Evelyn Gardeners Overnight Hand Therapy
Caribbean Tan Tanning Mitt
Urban Decay Naked Concealer
L’Oréal Paradise Extatic Mascara
Charlotte Tilbury Instant Eye Palette
Jillian Dempsey Lid Tints
RMS Beauty Eye Polish
La Roche Posay Anthelios XL SPF 50+ Spray
Batiste Dry Shampoo Brilliant Blonde
Lancôme Juicy Shakers

13 comments on Disappointing Products No. 2

  • Nicole

    I felt the same way about the Ud concealer from the first tube I bought. Very drying.
    Was very tempted to buy the Charlotte Tilbury palette but decided against it after many bad reviews. You guys really need to try the ABH palettes if you want pigment. Soft Glam is particularly beautiful. xx

  • Nicky

    If you want a lovely body spf, the Heliocare body spf in 50 is brilliant-no white marks, spreads and absorbs easily, good value, and has a great bottle/spritz application. Basically as fab as the heliocare face and tinted face spf.

    • Jules (author)

      We’ve actually been sent a bottle of that so will definitely be cracking it out this summer!

  • Maritza

    That Wet n Wild foundation is THE WORST!!!! And to top it all, I bought a second bottle! I have seen so many rave reviews, and thought I got a bad batch. One application from the second bottle, and I threw it out.

  • Claire Peters

    Love your videos. I feel so doff but how are you meant to use a beauty blender. Are you meant to wet it first? About to throw away my blonde dry shampoo. Totally agree. Thanks girls x

    • Camilla

      Hi Claire. Thank you so much! They are designed to be used wet/damp, so you are meant to saturate it with water and then squeeze out the excess.

  • Leanne

    My disappointing product might be quite controversial. I was in London recently and a friend highly recommended Benefit They’re Real mascara and since I’d seen it reviewed successfully on so many platforms I thought I’d pick one up at duty free on my way home. What. an. anticlimax. I find the formula to be very wet and thin and have to apply many layers. It flakes almost immediately when dry and yes, they do look just like my own lashes, therein lies the biggest problem. Maybe I was expecting something else or maybe I’m just used to a thicker, darker, longer lash than it’s meant to create. The look is almost too natural for me. I don’t know. It just made me sad.

    • Camilla

      Interesting!! I love the effect of They’re Real, but I just couldn’t bear the removal process – it took an age to take off, and I just don’t have time for that.

  • Leanne

    Also, don’t touch the Garnier sensitive Micellar water with cleansing oil. It made my eyes blurry, my skin tingled after using it and it clogged my pores. Used it twice and then threw it away. I’m a Bioderma girl for life.

    • Camilla

      Ya it’s rubbish hey?! I tried it too but threw it out almost immediately.

      • Leanne

        Total rubbish. I didn’t even want to give it to any of my friends.

  • Camilla Groom

    I have so often been recommended by multiple beauty bloggers the Bobbi Brown Sheer Powder brush and thought I simply cannot go on applying make up without it. So I bought it and it’s the worst! It sheds like nothing else and I find it quite prickly too, and just end up with black hairs all over my face. Did I get a dud or do they just not make them like they used to??🙈

    • Camilla

      I had the same experience with mine, but I found that after a few washes, it softened a lot and the shedding stopped completely. Persevere, I promise you will end up loving it.

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