K-Beauty Unboxing

Jules unboxes a little Korean beauty haul.

Products mentioned:

J.One Jelly Pack (R435)
Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask in “Berry” (R365)
Eco Soul Glam Eyes in “Gold Fizz” (R145)
Eco Soul Water Eye Tint in “Pleasant Cinnamon” (R145)
Chocolate Milk One Pack Sheet Mask (R35)
A’Pieu Essential Source Micro Foil Mask Pure Bright (R45)
Tony Moly Changing U Magic Foot Peeling Shoes (R99)
J.One Jelly Pack Vita Mask (R60)

Glow Theory website: glowtheory.co.za
K. Beauty Africa website: kbeauty.co.za

FYI that CosRX BHA Blackhead Power Liquid that I mentioned actually contains 4% betaine salicylate which is equivalent to 2% salicylic acid (so it isn’t twice as strong as what I usually use). Still dead keen to try it though – check out Beauty Editor’s review here.

9 comments on K-Beauty Unboxing

  • Jo

    Thanks Jules – love your “Hello Friends!” opening
    I can’t seem to find the Laneige Water Sleeping Mask on the website? I’m looking for a great hydrating mask, and it sounds perfect

  • Claire

    Love the Laneige Lip Mask and the Jelly Pack! Discovered both at Sephora when travelling and was panicking over how I was going to replace them so this is fantastic news. Just headed over to their website and I can see I’ll be doing some damage to the savings today!

  • Kay

    What an awesome video! Thanks so much for sharing, Jules. Came here to say that Clean It Zero is amazing; definitely get that!

  • Siobhan Yeatman

    I also recently placed an order with Glow Theory! My next order will be on K Beauty, I’m sure. I am so addicted to Korean skincare and especially the sheet masks. That J One Jelly Pack is absolutely fabulous too.


  • Kate

    The colour of that Eco Soul Water Eye Tint is amazing! Have you managed to try it out yet? Just wondering if it’s any good before I order it to be delivered to London. I can’t find it ANYWHERE here so seems I need to order it from SA.

    • Jules (author)

      I haven’t yet… when I do, you’re most likely to see it in our Instagram Stories though, so follow us there and you’ll probably see it in action soon.

      • Jules (author)

        Tried it out yesterday (didn’t do a wear test, just put it on to take pics) and it’s absolutely gorgeous!

  • Lauren Raubenheimer

    “Guys my feet are like hooves” 😂🤣 best line to date… heading over to glow theory now to continue the addiction

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