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If you follow us on social media you will have seen a lot of SKOON. being featured recently. SKOON. is a South African bespoke skin care range which uses natural ingredients only – so think pure plant oils, rich butters, floral essences and botanical extracts. The range is fresh and uncomplicated, and allows you to customise your skin care and ‘make it yours’ by mixing your own natural bespoke formulations. I don’t know about you, but my skin is temperamental and prone to sudden changes in tone and texture, so it makes sense that I should be able to adapt my products accordingly. It’s genius, really.

I spent hours on their site (which, by the way, is incredible – beautiful and so informative) whittling down my shopping cart because I wanted to buy everything. In the end I decided to start with the Super Moisturiser and Concentrate Squalane (but my list of future purchases is long, believe me).


Concentrate Squalane is described as ‘kid gloves for sensitive skin’ and is ideal for rosacea and dry/irritated skin – music to my ears! Squalane is a component of your own sebum, your skin’s own natural moisturiser, so it is highly compatible with skin lipids (the skin’s natural barrier). It is classified as 100% emollient, so it is supremely moisturising and leaves the skin softer and more supple than ever before. You can either use it on its own, or mix it into your moisturiser, or even dab a little over your foundation for a subtle, sheeny glow.


I think I speak on behalf of women everywhere when I say we want our skin to look plump, dewy and healthy. In order to achieve this dream skin, you need three intercellular lipids: sterols, ceramides and free fatty acids. The absence of these lipids will leave the skin susceptible to dry conditions, which in turn leads to dull, tired skin a.k.a nightmare skin. Super Moisturiser is rich in phospholipids and is fortified with SKOON.’s unique blend of buckwheat phytosterols, ceramide 3 and free fatty acids which help restore the natural functioning of your skin’s barrier. Although packed full of moisturising ingredients, Super Moisturiser has a lightweight texture that is suitable for all skin types – Jules and I have been using it (I am dry and she is oily/combination) and it has been working like a dream for both of us.

As I mentioned earlier, you can either use the two products on their own, or you can mix them together as you see fit. I have been mixing three drops of the Concentrate Squalane into Super Moisturiser at night, and one or two drops in the morning, depending on how my skin is feeling when I wake up. The combination of these two products makes my skin sing, and I am the happiest I have ever been with my skin – for those of you who know me/have read the blog regularly, you will know that this is kind of miraculous. In a short space of time I have seen a huge improvement in tone and texture – so much so that last weekend, I didn’t wear any foundation or concealer (this is big, you guys). My skin really glows when I apply these products, and when I do put foundation on top, I look fresh and healthy all day (which is a tall order when you work in an air-conditioned office).


The Overnight Hydrating Mask* is a new release which is set to launch soon. As with all of the other SKOON. products I’ve tried, this is oil-based mask is wonderful –  the organic coconut and wildflower honey blend is lovely and soothing, whilst the Nordic marine extract maintains moisture levels by trapping water molecules on the surface of the skin. I spent last weekend in the (very dry) Karoo and I wore this to bed every night – it’s a total skin saviour, let me tell you! Jules loves this mask too (so don’t be afraid to use it if you have oily/combination skin) – so much so that she included it in our most recent Monthly Favourites video. Oh PS it smells delicious – I kind of want to eat it.


Now that I have (hopefully) whet your appetite, head over to SKOON. and get shopping!

*PR Sample

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  • Joyce

    I received a sample of the the Ruby marine mask and my oily/combo/reactive skin absolutely loves it. I have been using it every night for the past 2 weeks or so. Just a tiny amount is needed but you can feel and see the difference in the morning. The moisture sip from the range is another little gem when used as a primer. No more shiny forehead! I am beyond happy. I’ve been loyal to Avène, Caudalie and Esse for years but nothing comes close to Skoon products… At 39, I finally found my ‘brand’. I can’t wait to get hold of the full sizes. Do you know when the ruby marine will be available on their site? XX

    • Camilla (author)

      That’s wonderful news, Joyce – I am so happy to hear that the range is working so well for you! I don’t think the Ruby Marine will be available this year – the lovely ladies at SKOON are working overtime just to fill their current orders. I will keep you posted as soon as I know more.

  • Melissa

    I mailed Skoon enquiring about the mask after the previous video that Jules spoke about it. Stella (owner/creator?) emailed me personally and looked in depth at what my skin concerns were. She sent me samples to try. Their products are fantastic! It smells and feels wonderful. My skin is so much happier and I seem to have much less break-outs. I can highly recommend them and bonus, they are proudly South-African.

  • Michelle

    Good morning. I need help with my skin. I have dry sensitive skin, I have used clarins, Lamell, just to mention a few. I then decided to go all green with oils and this has worked with Victoria garden’s products. I then read a review on Gaia Organics gold and decided to buy the face range. my skin is not loving it and is very dry. I now need to try something different. I have read your reviews and it looks good. I am scared to just go and buy your range of anti aging (41year) range and then get disappointed. I am a customer of faithful to nature and do see your products on their website. I have dry skin, sensitive and very small pigmentation. I do want to prevent wrinkles and dry sagging skin. what would you recommend and can you send me samples. I do not wear any make up. thank you so much for taking the time to read my mail.

    • Jules

      Hi Michelle – we suggest that you contact Skoon directly for advice. This is just a product review; All Dolled Up is not a retail outlet.

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