Say It Ain’t So: A Cellulite Cream That Actually Works


Regular readers will know that Jules and I are both huge Mio Skincare fans, so when we were recently given a bottle of Shrink To Fit, my usual anti-cellulite cream cynicism went out the window and I committed myself to using it for a solid month to test its effectiveness (fear not, I won’t scar you with before and after pictures). I think we all share the same sentiments, by and large, when it comes to lotions and potions claiming to have ability to banish cellulite – they don’t work. However, if ever there was going to be brand to create one that did work, it was going to be Mio.

The instructions are that you must take 20 seconds in the morning or evening to vigorously massage Shrink To Fit into your problem areas (mine is my bottom). Massage is obviously a fantastic way to stimulate circulation, help flush out toxins and reduce water retention, so technically if you massage any cellulite-ridden area with enough enthusiasm on a regular basis you should see an improvement without the need for an anti-cellulite lotion. However, if you add Shrink To Fit to the equation (which you should), you will see an even greater improvement as it delivers a huge dose of moisture to your skin, leaving it looking flatter, smoother and less dimpled.

If you’re curious about the best massage technique, Mio suggests using short, deep strokes starting with your calves and working up to your lower back, always rubbing in an upward motion to stimulate lymphatic drainage and circulation. If you want an added boost, incorporate some skin rolling and skin brushing to your routine. Skin rolling is used to help elasticise the support structure of your skin so it looks smoother and more even. It also increases circulation in exactly the right place. As you massage upwards, try to grab a roll of your thigh (or which ever area you are massaging) between your fingers and thumb and work that roll upwards, pinching and releasing as you go – it feels unpleasant but apparently it helps enormously to restore the skin’s structural support. Tighten up that spongey skin, ladies!

As mentioned earlier, my problem area is my bottom – it is covered in very un-adorable dimples which are the bane of my existence. Shrink To Fit purposefully doesn’t have a lot of slip so you have to apply some real elbow grease to work it in. I think I initially took the ‘vigorous’ massage instructions a little too literally as for the first two weeks my bum was covered in little bruises – whoops! For the following two weeks I adopted a slightly gentler, yet firm, approach and that I think I found the right balance. I didn’t follow the Mio massage technique to the letter, I just worked the lotion into my skin using upwards and circular motions with my fists. I have to say the thing I enjoy most about this product is the way that it feels on my skin – it has a cooling effect which feels very pleasant! Every time I sit down my bum feels, well, chilled and refreshed (that was probably the most bizarre sentence I have ever written). I started seeing results after about two to three weeks, and by the end of the month, my skin was noticeably smoother, firmer and less dimpled. My worst cellulite spot used to be right in the middle of my right bum cheek, and the indent was about the size of a R2 coin. It’s still there (Shrink to Fit won’t rid you of cellulite completely – you need the triple threat of diet, exercise and Shrink To Fit to accomplish that), but it is definitely less noticeable and the indent doesn’t seem to be as pronounced as normal. Additionally, the skin in that area appears to be much smoother and firmer overall. I am delighted!

If you’re looking for something to help minimise the appearance of your orange peel, then I would highly suggest that you give this offering from Mio a try. It retails for R780.00 and is available from selected salons country wide.

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