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Say It Ain’t So: A Cellulite Cream That Actually Works

Mio Shrink to Fit

Regular readers will know that Jules and I are both huge Mio Skincare fans, so when we were recently given a bottle of Shrink To Fit, my usual anti-cellulite cream cynicism went out the window and I committed myself to using it for a solid month to test its effectiveness (fear not, I won’t scar you with before and after pictures). I think we all share the same sentiments, by and large, when it comes to lotions and potions claiming to have ability to banish cellulite – they don’t work. However, if ever there was going to be brand to create one that…

NEW: Mio High Intensity Bodycare

Mio Liquid Yoga | All Dolled Up

You are probably already familiar with Mama Mio, the specialist skincare range for pregnant women and new moms that we have mentioned before on the blog. Their body oil is a huge favourite of ours, but most of the products, although excellent, don’t really suit us because we’re simply at a different (childless) stage of our lives.