February Favourites: Camilla

This is going to be a very MAC-heavy favourites post, so apologies in advance for the lack of diversity! Jules and I attended the MAC Trends Presentation earlier this month and after seeing the glowing, dewy skin that Michelle-Lee Collins, their senior artist, created, I knew my life wouldn’t be complete until I could create that kind of skin for myself. So I went back to MAC the very next day and Gareth (V&A Waterfront branch) gave me the most magnificent, subtle make-over I’ve ever had, and I ended up buying almost all of the products he used on me (Gareth, you are the master *bows down*).

MAC Mineralize Moisture SPF15 Foundation


This is a very liquid, very luminous foundation – if you’re looking for that ‘lit from within’ glow, look no further. It is very moisturising, and the first time I used it I copied Michelle’s technique of prepping the skin with a mixture of moisturiser and the Prep + Prime Essential Oils before applying the foundation. I won’t go into too much detail but lets just say I was an oil slick (and for someone with dry skin, that takes some doing) – I actually had to powder my entire face! I have since tweaked the application method and I am honestly thrilled with the results – this foundation provides just the right amount of coverage together with just the right amount of luminosity. It’s not the most long-lasting for formulations (very moisturising, very liquid foundations never are) so if you want a bit more staying power, I can highly recommend mixing in a bit of Estee Lauder Double Wear Light – it adds a little bit of oomph and helps everything stay put without taking away any of the glow. If you want to ramp up the dewiness, Shahnaz from Shahnaz Loves Beauty, recommends mixing the foundation with a little bit of the Revlon Photoready Skinlights Face Illuminator – apparently the effect is stunning. I only managed to track down a bottle of this stuff last night (elusive), so will keep you posted on the results!

MAC Prep+ Prime BB Beauty Balm Compact SPF 30 in ‘Refined Golden’


This is not a product I would ever have gravitated towards because, as a BB cream, it’s far too dark for me. However, Gareth used it as a cream bronzer and, well…wow! The colour is just right for me and it imparts a warm, healthy glow that makes me look tanned but not overly bronzed. The texture is creamy and incredibly easy to work with – so if you do overdo it, you can blend it out in a jiffy. You could use it as a contour or as an all-over bronzer – it works fantastically for both.

Swatches here.

MAC 187 Duo Fibre Face Brush


I have had this brush for forever and a day and have never used it. Not once. Mainly because I just never knew how and  managed to get along just fine with all my other brushes. That all changed when Gareth used it to apply the foundation, the beauty balm and the blush – all of which blended together seamlessly on my face. I have been using it non-stop since that day and I can’t even imagine life without it now (dramatic? Me?!). It is made from goat hairs and synthetic fibres, so works best with cream/liquid formulations. It picks up just the right amount of product and buffs it into the skin, creating a flawless, evenly blended finish. There is also a smaller version (188  Small Duo Fibre Face Brush) which is a little bit cheaper and is much-loved by Harry Makes it Up and Lily Pebbles.

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in ‘Soft & Gentle’*


I have been wanting this product for the longest time but for some arbitrary reason I never got around to buying it. Luckily for me, we were all given one at the MAC Trends Presentation and I have used it almost every single day since. This highlighting powder imparts such a lovely glow to the skin and it can be used either dry or wet. Both Michelle and Gareth recommended spritzing the skin with Fix+ before applying it to get a really beautiful sheen on the cheekbones (it really works). I have also been using it on the inner corners of my eyes, under my brows, on my cupid’s bow…you name it! Love this product.

Swatches here.

MAC Cremeblend Blush in ‘Ladyblush’


Funnily enough, this blush has been on my list since I saw it in this Tanya Burr tutorial (it looks like a cream equivalent to my beloved Tarte Amazonian Clay 12 Hour Blush in ‘Exposed’), so when Gareth used it on me I took it as a sign that it had to be mine (logical). I absolutely adore this, it’s the perfect muted pink blush for everyday use – nothing wild or fancy, just a natural, pretty colour, Being a cream formulation, the longevity isn’t great, but if I am dead-set on wanting it to last all day, I’ll just dust a bit of the Tarte blush on top to set it.

Swatches here.

Eucerin Aquaphor


Hey, a product that isn’t by MAC (a round of applause for Eucerin, everybody)! I won’t go into details but this month I started sleeping with a bite plate to stop me from grinding my teeth, and I had an allergic reaction to the resin they used to make it. I have never had such swollen, red, sore lips in my life, and Aquaphor was the only product (besides the antihistamines)  that could soothe them (everything else, even Bactroban, stung like hell). I always have a tube of this with me, but new and interesting lip balms come along and the staple product often gets forgotten about – you know what it’s like. This product saved my lips and gently nursed them back to health, and I promise to never again forsake it in favour of another fancy lipbalm. You and me forever, Aquaphor.

*PR Sample