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Hydration Heroes | All Dolled Up

I posted this picture on Instagram last week and it prompted quite a few questions from followers, so I thought I would elaborate. My skin is combination-oily but suffers from some dehydration when I don’t look after it (read this to find out the difference between dry and dehydrated skin). This results in a general dullness and flaky patches around my chin that feel tight and uncomfortable. It took me a while to figure out that dehydration was the cause but now that I’m treating it directly, my skin is much better. Here are my hydration hero products:

Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief*

You’ll see this in our next monthly favourites video and for good reason: it does exactly what it says on the tin. It is a light oil-free gel-cream that absorbs quickly into the skin, leaving an extremely smooth layer of hydration behind (not a residue – the skin just feels plumped up). It helps with fine lines, flakiness and tightness and keeps working so that my skin hasn’t shrivelled up by the end of the day. I use this every morning and it has not only helped to balance out my skin but it also feels wonderfully fresh and dewy; a rare thing indeed for an oily-skinned gal.

Price: R465 for 50ml
Availability: Clinique counters and online

Indeed Labs Hydraluron

I’ve spoken about Hydraluron at length before, but for the uninitiated, it is a hyaluronic acid serum that you layer under your moisturiser and traps water molecules close to the skin. It helps to plump up skin tissue to restore elasticity and firmness, and boosts the action of your moisturiser by stimulating cell turnover, resulting in an improved absorption of active ingredients. Note: I only use this on my chin; not all over my face. It’s pricey but using it in targeted areas makes it last a lot longer.

Price: R400 for 30ml
Availability: Selected Clicks stores (I know the Gardens Centre branch in CT has it)

The Body Shop Vitamin E Sink-In Moisture Mask

This gets layered over Hydraluron on evenings where my skin feels particularly parched. It has a lovely light texture and sinks in quickly, leaving no residue behind. This would also make a fantastic skin barrier for long-haul flights; in fact, I included it in my Favourite Five Overnight Hydrating Masks post a little while ago. It’s cheap, effective, feels lovely and smells yummy – what more could you ask for?!

Price: R145 for 100ml
Availability: The Body Shop, selected Clicks stores and online

*PR sample

3 comments on Hydration Heroes

  • Hasmitha

    I love the new blog layout!!!

    I have the same type of skin, where it’s more dehydrated than dry. And winter can be especially harsh. Thank you for sharing ♥

  • Crazy Mom Journal

    Hi there my skin and hair is in a really bad shape and I need a basic but effective skin care and hair care routine that will give my hair and skin the upliftment and healthiness it needs. Which products would you recommend I start off with?

    • Camilla

      Hi there. It’s a bit difficult for us to recommend products when we don’t know anything about your skin type, and we’re not professionals so we can’t actively recommend products – all we can do is let you know what did or didn’t work for us. If you are concerned about the state of your skin, we highly recommend that you go and see a dermatologist, as they will be better placed to offer advice. Best of luck!

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