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As I may have mentioned before, my New Year’s Resolution for 2014 is to master the cat eye. I’ve read and watched what feels like hundreds of blog posts and video tutorials, and still I can’t seem to master it. I’ve come close a couple of times but it never looks quite right. Like in the photo above, it pretty much only looked good if I half-closed my eyes… not really practical for getting through the day!

Last week I stumbled upon this one from the delightful Essie Button and it all seems to make perfect sense to me. I’m still working on it, but I reckon this is a great tutorial for newbies like me. I think 80% of the battle is confidence and 20% is technique – what do you guys think? Have you tried this method? Any tips for me?!

4 comments on The Best Winged Eyeliner Tutorial

  • Tamsin

    Ooh! I like this one. Excited to try it already.

  • Cheri

    You guys, I love your blog so much!! Totally going to try out winged eyeliner on the public holiday tomorrow!

  • Abby

    The big thing for me is to use a liquid eyeliner crayon such as Maybelline’s Precise one. It make the whole process super easy as one has far more control.

    xoxo One Stiletto At a Time

  • GeeBee

    A good tool like a felt-tip pen or liner brush makes a huge difference to how smoothly the eyeliner goes on, in my opinion. The Real Techniques fine liner brush (sold on its own not as part of a kit) is really great for gel-type liners. It makes the product glide on easily. Such a pleasure. Another blogger who offers great tips for applying winged liner is Marlena of makeupgeek, if you haven’t already come across her stuff.

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