Latest Loves: Beauty YouTubers

I’m a total YouTube addict – I spend as much time watching beauty tutorials and product videos as most other people stare at the cooking channel or watching the news. I’ve mentioned my all-time favourites before but I’ve recently found a few other beauty vloggers that are keeping me entertained for hours on end. Here are a few of my favourite new YouTube subscriptions:

Sharon Farrell

This feisty Irish make-up artist living in Sydney is my NBF, she just doesn’t know it yet. She does great hints & tips videos, product reviews and step-by-step tutorials (especially helpful if you have oily skin or very fair colouring) accompanied by very detailed photos on her blog, and uploads new content three times a week.

Channel: SharonMakeUpArtist
Twitter: @sharonsmakeup
Facebook: /sharonthemakeupartist
Instagram: @shari_farr

Karissa Pukas

This is another ex-pat living in Australia, this time from Canada. Karissa does a mixture of fashion, lifestyle but mostly beauty videos and tutorials that are usually quite glamorous and full-on. Despite this, she has a very straightforward style and is great at encouraging positivity and healthy self-confidence. She also recently launched her own line of false lashes called SocialEyes.

Channel: SaturdayNightsAlRite
Twitter: @satnightalrite
Facebook: /saturdaynightsalrite
Instagram: @satnightalrite

Suzie from Hello October

Soft-spoken Suzie B lives in Brighton, has perfect eyebrows and can do a killer cat-eye (I’m so jel). Her YouTube channel and blog serve up regular doses of fashion and beauty bits with the odd foodie post thrown in for good measure. Her Instagram feed is also a real treat!

Channel: HelloOctoberxo
Twitter: @hello_october_
Facebook: /hellooctoberblog
Instagram: @hellooctoberxo


This girl is cute as a button! Alli is from Philadelphia and has a real knack for detailed eyeshadow looks with various techniques and all sorts of different false lashes. Her gorgeous lipstick collection gets my pulse going big time, and she uses a good mixture of high-end and drugstore products so there’s a little something for everyone.

Channel: MakeupByAlli
Twitter: @MakeupByAlli
Facebook: /MakeupByAlliYT
Instagram: @makeupbyalli

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  • Faiza essa

    Hey hey 🙂 thanx for your tip last post! I bought the ren mask this weekend and used it once and I’m sold already! Check out Jaclyn hill on YouTube. She’s such an amazing make up artist and so funny too! You’ll love her! Also babylailalov she’s a hijabi makeup artist! Self taught. Her looks are so amazing! Xx

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