Quick Reviews #1

Quick Reviews No. 1 - All Dolled Up

I find writing long reviews of individual products quite intimidating so they tend to languish in my drafts folder for months. I find it easier to give a short overview of products I’ve tried (like in Monthly Favourites) so I’m going to try putting together posts that offer a brief idea of my thoughts on a few things, then you can just leave a comment if you want more details. Yes? Ok, let’s go:

Human+Kind All-in-One Wash-Off Cleanser | All Dolled Up

Human+Kind All-in-One Wash Off Facial Cleanser

I was completely lured in by the packaging of this product, I won’t lie. I spotted it on the shelves at Wellness Warehouse and decided to try the cleanser from the range. H+K is an Irish brand (learn more here) that creates affordable, time-saving skincare for busy people, made from natural ingredients. The cleanser comes with a really good quality face cloth to give your skin a gentle polish after use, and works beautifully to dissolve make-up and dirt. It’s a lovely product and my only gripe is that it stings my eyes so I wouldn’t recommend it for use to remove eye make-up, but I use a precleanse oil to do that anyway. It actually reminds me a lot of the Soap & Glory Ultimelt hot cloth cleanser.

Active ingredients: Aloe vera (soothing), marigold flower oil (anti-inflammatory), rose hip oil (nourishing) and cocoa seed butter (moisturising)
Price: R150 for 100ml
Availability: Wellness Warehouse, selected Stuttafords, some independent pharmacies and salons

Mio QuickStart Exhilarating Shower Gel | All Dolled Up

Mio QuickStart Exhilarating Shower Gel*

I mentioned this is my recent post about the Mio skincare brand launch and both Camilla and I have been using it ever since (rare for C who is very sensitive to anything other than Epiwash soap). I absolutely love the invigorating scent and light but moisturising texture. You only need a tiny bit to lather up a serious amount of foam but it doesn’t feel drying in the least. The downside? It’s not cheap. Like, REALLY not cheap!

Active ingredients: Spearmint oil, menthol and organic lemon extract (zingy scent), coconut-derived cleansers (gently cleanse without stripping skin), caffeine derived from Guarana (natural stimulant) and witch hazel extract (antibacterial and pH balancer)
Price: R415 for 200ml
Availability: Full list of stockists here.

P.S. If you’re looking for a shower gel with a fresh, minty tingle, then a more affordable alternative  is Springwash from LUSH (R75 for 100g).

Essence Long Lasting Eyeliner in Bling Bling

Essence Long Lasting Eyeliner in Bling Bling swatch

Essence Long Lasting Eye Pencil in Bling Bling

Look, I’m not going to bury the lead here: this eyeliner costs R20. TWENTY RAND. It probably costs you more money to drive to the shop to buy this! I first heard about this little gem from my latest YouTube obsession, Sharon Farrell, who said it was a dupe for one of my all-time favourite eyeliners, MAC Powersurge. Now, I don’t exactly think they are identical in shade (Powersurge is more gold, Bling Bling is more copper) or texture (the Essence one is softer), but Bling Bling is certainly a MUCH cheaper alternative to using Powersurge in the waterline (instead of black which can look too harsh in the daytime) which is how I use it anyway. True to its name, it’s also really long lasting on the skin, not so much on the waterline but then again, what is? It has a handy retractable mechanism (no sharpening!) and did I mention that it’s R20?

Price: Basically free
Availability: Dischem and Clicks

*PR sample

7 comments on Quick Reviews #1

  • Faiza

    Love all ur posts local is definitely lekker! Wanted some advice! I’m using dermalogica skin care range! My skin is quite great at the moment! But I need a new mask something that make your skin glow! What would you suggest

    • Jules (author)

      Hi Faiza! Are you looking for an exfoliating mask? I’m a big fan of Dermalogica Gentle Cream Exfoliant as it uses lactic and hydroxy acid as well as natural fruit enzymes to break down dead skin cells. Another favourite is REN’s Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask, which is available at Woolworths.

  • Anye

    I have the exact same cleanser. I was attracted to the free washcloth. My goodness it is soft. I agree great cleanser!

  • Faiza

    Thanks Jules will try out the ren one!

  • Leigh-Ann Otto

    That eyeliner is my favourite. Did a post about it this week too! Snap!

  • Christine

    I am going out to buy the eyeliner TOMORROW, but please, how and where do I use it?!! You mentioned something about a ‘waterline’, I have no idea what you are talking about!!!!!
    xxx Me

    • Jules (author)

      Oh Christina, you make me laugh! The waterline is your inner eyelid, so the bit between your lashes and your eyeball. You can also use this to line your upper lashline (on the skin I mean, instead of black eyeliner) and it won’t budge all day. Perfect for busy moms!

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