Top 5: Disappointing Products

Disappointing products

I do my research before I buy products, which is why I’m very rarely disappointed. However, sometimes, no matter how many rave reviews a product gets, it simply doesn’t tick the boxes for me. Here are the top five products that I really regret buying, in no particular order:

Embroylisse Lait-Crème Concentrate

I read countless reviews on this product, and somehow managed to miss that it is loaded with mineral oil. Mineral oil, also known as petrolatum or paraffinum, aggravates acne and negatively impacts skin function, causing it to age prematurely. Additionally, it contains no nutrients whatsoever and coats your skin like cling-film, disputing its natural immune barrier and ability to absorb moisture. I initially started using it as my day cream and my skin reacted so badly – it looked flat, lackluster and became quite congested. I could literally feel it coating my skin – you know when you can feel the sweat prickling under your skin because it can’t get out through your pores? That’s how my skin felt the entire time I used it. It is currently languishing in my skin-care graveyard while I try and figure out what to do with it.

La Roche-Posay Effeclar H Compensating Soothing Moisturiser

Billed as an absolute miracle product for sensitive skin, I actually bought THREE of these when I placed my Boots order. The consistency of this is quite fluid, but strangely, not moisturising at all. I struggled to figure out how to use it initially – applied on it’s own, it left my skin feeling tight and uncomfortable. I pushed through, I thought maybe my skin just needed time to adjust. How wrong I was. I broke out all over my forehead, which never happens, and my skin became so dry and parched that it flaked off, like when you’ve got a really bad sunburn. I then started applying a moisturiser over the top in the hopes of finding a happy medium, but sadly it was not to be – this is not something that girls with dry skin should use, ever.

Chanel Illusion D’Ombre Long Wear Luminous Eyeshadow is Illusoire

Love the colour, love the consistency, love the effect. So, what is it doing here, you ask? Answer: it dries out incredibly quickly, and this changes the texture of the product – it goes really spongy, and it shrinks away from the edges of the jar, making it look all sad and old. Of course it’s still usable, but it’s nowhere near as good as when you first get it. And for me, if I’m paying top dollar for a product, I expect it’s shelf-life to last beyond two months.

Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder

Didn’t do my research…got nailed. This product is supposed to be applied under the eyes to brighten the area and set concealer. The problem is that it’s just too white, so other people will be able to tell when you’re wearing it, and I found that it left my under-eye area looking dry and cakey. And don’t even get me started on how it looks in photographs – the flashback is quite unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. I also think that it is an unnecessary product for someone like me who already uses an under-eye corrector and brightener on a daily basis.

Rimmel Apocalips

Not photographed, but because I got rid of it that quickly. Julia brought one of these back from London for me before they were available in South Africa, and it’s horrible. To start with, it smells awful – really artificial and synthetic – you know there’s nothing good in there. I also found the consistency to be really thick and heavy, so it just sat on my lips, it didn’t sink in or absorb at all. The final nail in the coffin: it offered no moisturisation or hydration whatsoever and it left my lips feeling dry and chapped. I am such a huge fan of Rimmel, but they really let themselves down on this one.

Are there any products out there that you have been disappointed by? Please let me know.

5 comments on Top 5: Disappointing Products

  • Tamsin

    Down with Apocolips! It made my lips ridiculously chapped 🙁

  • Nicole (@PrincessNoo)

    Really enjoy these kinds of posts. I also cant stand Rimmel Apocalips – blergh

  • Anita Steenkamp

    Thank you so much for this article! I wanted to buy the Chanel but it is so expensive, i have been telling myself that because it is Chanel it will be worth the money. So glad i read this, otherwise i may have wasted some money. Thank you for having the guts to write an article like this and posting it!

    • Camilla (author)

      It really is such a shame, because the product itself is so lovely – it just doesn’t last. I love Chanel but I do find their products a bit hit and miss – the nail polishes, for example, chip within a few hours (infuriating). However I can highly recommend the lipsticks – they are beautiful and have great staying power (Rouge Coco Shine in Boy is my favourite).

  • Anye

    Discovered your blog a few weeks ago when I was searching for reviews on QMS. While reading your review on Embroylisse and the ingredients a suddenly realised that Elizabeth Arden’s famous eight hour cream also contains similar ingredients! Guess should stick to just using it on my lips.

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