Estée Lauder 7 Day Free Foundation Trial

Estee Lauder

Did you know that you can visit any Estée Lauder counter and they will give you a free foundation sample that will last you for up to seven days? I only found that out this week (tut tut)! I have been wanting to try Double Wear Light Stay-In-Place Makeup for ages, but I can’t stand my foundation being applied in store, under those harsh fluorescent lights, with the massive pressure to buy straight away. Dreadful.

Fast forward to payday, and I was happily dropping cash left, right and center in Red Square when I spotted the Free 7 Day Foundation Trial…be still my beating heart! I explained to the sales lady that I was interested in trying Double Wear Light, and she happily dispensed some into a bottle for me and off I went. This method is immeasurably better than getting your makeup done in the store – you get to go home, try it out for yourself and get a real feel for the product before you commit to buying it. Thank you, Estée Lauder.


Full review of the foundation coming soon!

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5 comments on Estée Lauder 7 Day Free Foundation Trial

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  • Melinie

    Everytime i went to the store for a 7 day trial foundation the consultants always never gave it to me. They always gave an excuse and wanted to test it out on me in store and requested i bought it straight away. I would not mind even paying for a sample rather buy a full quantity and not being inpressed with the product when i use it at home.

  • Lettie Swanepoel

    The same happen im in welkom freestate if u ask freesamples to try, they say there is no samples. That went on for 2 months now….

  • Sanet Stirling

    I would love to try free samples as I use Estee Lauder all the time

  • Alet Erasmus

    With every product, when you go instore to ask for free samples so I can try a product before spending a lot of money. The staff allways say sorry no stock. So how am I going to know if I like your product before spending that amount of money?

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