Skincare 101 with Caroline Hirons and Pixiwoo

Regular readers will know much Julia and I respect and admire Caroline Hirons and the Pixiwoo sisters, Samantha Chapman and Nicola Haste. I could listen to them talk about skincare and makeup for the rest of my life, and I’d still be captivated by them.

The Pixiwoo girls sat down with Caroline to have a chat about her routine and her favourite products, and she also imparted some of her much-sought-after skincare advice as well as a few handy tips and tricks (for example, don’t keep any beauty products in the bathroom – it’s too hot and the products will expire faster). I particularly enjoyed her stance on anti-aging products: she has an issue with the term because, as she quite rightly points out, not everyone has the privilege of aging. Her philosophy is to make the most of what you’ve got, and accept the aging process with good grace. Easier said than done, but I’m certainly going to try!

I hope you enjoy…

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