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UK Beauty Haul: Skincare

A couple of you asked to see a haul of all the goodies I bought in London when I was there in April, so here it is. Unfortunately for my bank balance, I bought so much stuff that I need to split it up into two videos (sorry I’m not sorry) so here is the first one which is all about skincare. Some of these products can be bought in SA (marked with a *) and where applicable I’ve supplied links to websites that will ship here, many of them for free. Let me know in the comments if you…

April Favourites: Jules

April Favourites

So all my favourite and most-used products this month are from overseas but I had to be honest and include them because otherwise this wouldn’t really be a list of my monthly favourites! They’re all things I bought in London and have used pretty much every day since. By the way – do you guys want me to do a haul and show you all the stuff I bought or does that sound boring? Let me know in the comments. Mini product reviews for each of these after the jump.

Skincare 101 with Caroline Hirons and Pixiwoo

Regular readers will know much Julia and I respect and admire Caroline Hirons and the Pixiwoo sisters, Samantha Chapman and Nicola Haste. I could listen to them talk about skincare and makeup for the rest of my life, and I’d still be captivated by them. The Pixiwoo girls sat down with Caroline to have a chat about her routine and her favourite products, and she also imparted some of her much-sought-after skincare advice as well as a few handy tips and tricks (for example, don’t keep any beauty products in the bathroom – it’s too hot and the products will…

London Calling

Keep Calm

So, next week I’m going to London. To shop. I’m not even going to pretend there’s any other reason for going besides burning a hole in my credit card at the new 6-story flagship H&M store in Oxford Circus (squeeee!) and attempting to stuff 30kg of new beauty products in my suitcase without getting arrested. Oh, and I will also be shopping for a wedding dress. GIRLIE HEAVEN. Before I get completely carried away with excitement, I thought I would share a few recent skincare purchases with you that will be waiting patiently for me at my brother’s flat when…