Girl Crush: Blake Lively

“Crush” is actually not a strong enough word for how I feel about Blake Lively. I’m actually obsessed with her perfect features, glowing skin, thick, glossy hair, endless legs, Hollywood smile and extremely hot husband. She also famously refuses to diet or exercise… so basically a fine example of just how deeply unfair life can be. Let’s look a little closer, shall we?

Blake Lively - Allure magazine
Here she is being the poster child for dewy skin and beachy waves. Allure Magazine Sept. 2012
Blake Lively - Marie Claire UK
Loving the subtle winged-out smokey eye and matte lip here. Marie Claire UK Oct 2012
Blake Lively - Bullett
Wish I looked like that when I don’t brush my hair. Also, great example of top quality contouring in action. Bullet magazine, Summer 2012
Blake Lively - Vanity Fair Italy
Lighter eyebrows, the perfect smokey eye and a creamy, pale lip… *dies* Vanity Fair Italy, Jan. 2013
Blake Lively - Savages screening NYC
There are very few women in the world who look that sexy with a fishtail plait. “Savages” screening NYC, June 2012
Blake Lively - Savages premier LA
One of her best looks ever IMHO: Veronica Lake waves, a cherry-red lip and false lashes. Heaven. “Savages” premier LA, June 2012

Excuse me while I cry myself to sleep now.

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