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Top 5 Makeup Products of 2017

Top 5 Makeup Products of 2017

So now that it’s February (!), I thought I should probably get back into blogging and what better way than to reminisce about the makeup products that lit a fire in my belly last year. Having high exposure so many new beauty goodies is a blessing and a curse – it’s amazing to be able to try so many lovely things but it can also lead to major beauty burnout. These five (ok, six) glorious makeup items that I started using in 2017 never lost their shine, no matter how uninspired I was by the contents of my dressing table:…

What’s in my On-the-Go Beauty Bag

Whats in my On-the-Go Beauty Bag | All Dolled Up

This has the potential to be the most boring blog post of all time… but for some reason, I love taking a sneaky peek inside other people’s handbags so I figure a couple of you might too! “What’s in my Bag” videos are my guilty pleasure on YouTube (anyone else?!) so I thought I’d show you what goes into the little pouch that I keep in my main handbag. It’s a short list of absolute essentials:

Camilla’s Current Makeup Favourites

Now that my boyfriend is firmly back in town, I find myself schlepping a bag between his home and mine on daily/weekly basis (exhausting). I loathe packing, so keeping my makeup bag prepared at all times is the only way I can maintain my sanity. Here’s what’s been on my face for the past couple of weeks (in keeping with my ‘more is more’ mantra, there are lots of products):

Current Favourite Combinations

Whilst I am very happy with how all of my make-up items perform on their own, sometimes combining two (or even three) of them really amps up the effect and creates something you can’t get enough of. These are my current favourite combinations: Face: Clarins Instant Light Radiance Boosting Complexion Base in ‘Champagne’ + Bourjois Happy Light Foundation I can’t take credit for this one – I got the idea from Harriet from Harry Makes It Up. She used the Clarins Instant Light Boosting Complexion Base as a primer in her Flawless Skin Makeup Tutorial, and it made her skin look so…