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Nail Polishes You Need

Nail polishes you need | All Dolled Up

In the same way that every girl should have a capsule wardrobe of versatile classics that can be worn throughout the year, every girl should also have a collection of basic nail polishes for different occassions. Not everyone needs a fridge full of bottles like me (66 of them, to be exact) because a well-edited set of essential colours in good quality formulas will cover all the bases. This means that you can accessorise your more expensive “investment pieces” with cheap polishes in trendy shades when you want to mix things up. Here is my pick of the five best…

Estée Lauder Free Gift with Purchase

Free Gift with Purchase

If you’re a serious skincare addict like Camilla and I then you probably already know about Estée Lauder’s Advanced Night Repair, which has long been a favourite of beauty editors the world over. It’s known for being the best anti-ageing serum on the market, and it has 30 years’ worth of dedicated fans who will testify that it really does leave skin looking smoother, younger and more radiant. The problem is that, like many high-end serums, it’s extremely expensive. I would argue that although it’s pricey, it’s still great value for money because a bottle lasts forever and the product…

The Valentine’s Day Wearable Red Lip

Valentine's Day The Wearable Red Lip

Happy Valentine’s Day, darlings! We hope you have a love-themed evening planned, whether you’re going all out with your other half or eating pizza on the couch with friends, make sure you give them an extra special squeeze and tell them you love them. That’s what it’s all about, after all – not overpriced roses and factory-made stuffed toys! For those of you headed out on the town, you’ve probably got your outfit all planned already but what about your make-up? Camilla and I are big fans of a classic red lip, especially on Valentine’s Day, although it’s not always…