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Beauty Blogger Buys // 10 Things

I am always curious about products that beauty bloggers choose to buy, aren’t you? The ones they will happily pay for time and time again, despite being sent every product under the sun – now those are the products I want to know more about. With that in mind, I thought it might be interesting to give you an insight into the products that I happily pay for, and which might not usually get the praise they deserve. This post is dedicated to those products: the ones that are never mentioned in posts or in favourites videos because they’re never not…

Birthday Beauty Swag

You might think that beauty bloggers don’t want beauty products for their birthdays, but you would be mistaken. I, for one, certainly do, and I am always delighted when I unwrap a gift and see something beauty-related inside. This past birthday was particularly fruitful in that regard, so I thought I would share some of my spoils with you.

Camilla’s Top 10 Holy Grail Items

I feel like I am living out of Country Road tog bag at the moment – between my flat, my boyfriend’s house and weekends away, I feel like I am constantly packing and unpacking. Thankfully, putting together my makeup/hair/toiletry bags for the next morning/weekend are often the easiest part because the basics are always the same. These basics are my Holy Grail items – the ones I never leave behind and the ones I always repurchase. It was actually surprisingly difficult to narrow it down to 10, so I have included 5 honourary mentions too – although not the loves of…