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5 Amazing Beauty Brands You Can Buy from ASOS

5 Beauty Brands to buy from ASOS

The Ordinary I wrote about The Ordinary skincare brand in this recent post and have really been enjoying the products I’ve used so far. The truth is that some skincare can be difficult to review because the results are either hard to see (I have pretty good skin to begin with so I’m not looking for a total transformation) or tend to only be visible over time. This is true of the Niacinamide and Retinoid serums – I like them both, had no adverse reactions and will continue to use them but it’s not like I stopped having sun spots…

What I Bought from ASOS

Online shopping in South Africa | All Dolled Up

I recently wrote about my experience placing an order from UK-based website ASOS, and how I was pleasantly surprised that they didn’t charge me customs duties. I’m hearing conflicting reports from readers so I think it’s still quite hit and miss, but for a few small items I think it’s worth the risk, especially since the lower the value of your order, the lower the customs charges if you get nailed. Anyway, I thought you would be interested in what I bought:

Shopping Online: ASOS

Online shopping in South Africa ASOS | All Dolled Up

There’s been lots of discussion in the blog comments and on our Twitter feed recently about buying beauty products online, and specifically the customs duties that come along with importing goods from overseas. The official policy is that orders with a value under R500 (excluding shipping) are exempt from customs duties and it has always been my advice to people that they should place small orders to avoid this. I had heard however that this policy wasn’t applied consistently and people were getting charged duties even on orders under the threshold, so I thought I would test it out myself.