Beauty Haul: Greece & UK

So I recently got back from a little trip to London and Skopelos and, as usual, I had to make a few essential beauty purchases… I was a lot more disciplined than usual though and only ended up getting a few things, many of which have been on my shopping list for a while. Here’s the lowdown:

Greek Pharmacy Haul: Korres and Apivita

Greek Pharmacy

Korres “Summer Wood” Body Milk

Every time we go back to Greece, I buy a different Korres body lotion, the scent of which then always reminds me of that trip. Last time it was the Coconut Milk variant and this year I bought Summer Wood, which has a unisex woody/powdery scent with a tiny hint of florals. The notes are technically cedar, violet, iris and sunflower but it’s very subtle so it doesn’t compete with your perfume which I love. The texture of the body milk is perfect too – nourishing, creamy and easily absorbed but without being sticky or leaving behind any residue. The packaging is slightly different from their international range and I think that’s because this product is only available in Greece.

Korres “Coconut Sand” Eau de Cologne

Korres make some of my favourite fragrances, including yummy scents like white tea, bergamot & freesia, vetiver root, green tea & cedarwood and blue sage, lime & fir wood. Most of the scents are lightly floral but also nice and earthy because of the woods, which makes them very wearable. I have a weakness for anything coconut-scented so I was like a moth to the flame when I spotted Coconut Sand (also only available in Greece as far as I can tell) in the display. It’s very similar to Bobbi Brown Beach and Estée Lauder Bronze Goddess, which are two very well known coconut-based fragrances, but I think it’s better. It smells totally natural (none of that hits-the-back-of-your-throat superficial scent here) and is really light and delicious – perfect for summer days. Its an Eau de Cologne (2-6% perfume concentration vs. Eau de Toilette which is ~10% and Eau de Parfum which is ~15%) so it’s not the most long-wearing fragrance in the world but that doesn’t really bother me – I have no problem reapplying regularly!

Apivita Aqua Vita Advanced Moisture Revitalizing Cream

I couldn’t find my die-hard favourite moisturiser (First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream) at the usual stockist in London so I picked up this Apivita face cream when my travel size moisturiser ran out instead. The range has three variants – one for oily/combo skin (the one I got), one for normal/dry skin and one for very dry skin. The gel-cream texture is very lightweight so it’s perfect in hot weather because it sinks in so easily but it also feels nourishing. It’s rare to find a moisturiser that’s hydrating (helps skin retain water rather than retain oil like a richer moisturiser) AND nourishing so I’m pretty pleased with the formulation, plus it’s 98% natural and doesn’t contain any silicones, parabens, mineral oil, etc.

Beauty Haul: Revolution Flawless Matte Ultra Eyeshadow Palette

UK (Boots & Superdrug)

Makeup Revolution Flawless Matte Eyeshadow Palette

I’ve been looking for a good matte eyeshadow palette for ages, and this one has been on a list in my phone for absolute ages, so when I spotted it in stock in Superdrug it was the first thing to go in my basket. It’s a 32-pan palette (although the pans are smaller than “normal” size) and includes a wide range of neutral, warm- and cool-toned shades. As with the Morphe palettes, there are quite a few colours that are very similar so you’re not getting 32 vastly different eyeshadows but overall it offers plenty of variety for creating transitions, defining the crease, and building up depth in an eyeshadow look. The best bit? It was £8! EIGHT. POUNDS. I haven’t tested it properly yet though, so I’ll report back on whether it’s a waste of money or the greatest bargain of all time.

Nyx Micro Brow Pencil

Nyx is now stocked in Boots and although we can get the brand in SA, the range is much wider overseas. One of the things I’ve had my eye on is this skinny brow pencil that looks a lot like Anastasia Brow Wiz. As you’ll know if you watched Wednesday’s Makeup Empties video, I have a long-standing love affair with the Soap & Glory Archery Brow Pencil and I grabbed this Nyx version because I wanted to see how they compared. I haven’t tested it yet so I’ll have to get back to you with the final verdict. It comes in an impressive eight shades (vs. S&G which only has three) and is £1 cheaper than the S&G pencil so if it’s as good – or better! – then it might be taking over the top spot in my makeup bag.

Beauty Haul: Nyx Micro Brow Pencil and Maybelline Age Rewind

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer

I bought the “Brightening” shade of this cult makeup product when I was in New York last year and although the tone is great for concealing dark circles, it’s way too light for me. I love the texture and the packaging so I was keen to try another shade that I would get more use out of, and I’m happy to say 120 Light is spot on. I’ve used it every day since I bought it (over my usual corrector, Benefit Erase Paste) and am completely in love. It’s very lightweight and a little goes a long way, so a few dabs under my eyes blended in with a damp RT Miracle Complexion Sponge is enough for my whole under-eye area and along the top of my cheekbones. People always seem to be concerned about the hygiene of the (lovely, soft) sponge applicator but it’s nothing a quick spritz of tea tree water doesn’t solve.

Indeed Labs Vitamin C24

This is another product that has been on my phone’s “to buy” list for ages but while I think it’s a good product, I was slightly underwhelmed by the texture. It’s described by the brand as “a combined serum and moisturizer [don’t agree with the moisturiser part] formulated with 22% Vitamin C (L- Ascorbic acid) + 2% Hyaluronic Microspheres. Unlike other Vitamin C products, this dual-action formula stays stable, doesn’t oxidize and is formulated for optimal absorption into the skin, allowing for the maximum C benefits and potency.” It’s essentially an antioxidant serum (see Monday’s post for more info on this topic) but it’s very heavy on the silicone and pilled under my sunscreen when I wore it in Greece. Funnily enough, I just spotted a similar comment on Caroline Hirons site; she said: “this was too silicone-y for me. Didn’t sit well underneath moisturisers”. It’s got a good amount of vitamin C and I believe that it’s a good product but I’d personally prefer something more lightweight.

Beauty Haul: Indeed Labs Vitamin C24 and Simply Pure Hydrating Serum

Superdrug Simply Pure Hydrating Serum

Sali Hughes has raved about this budget hydrating serum for years but I’ve never managed to find it in stock – until now. It’s a traditional silky serum texture so it layers well under other face products and is designed for sensitive skin so it’s soothing as well as hydrating. The ingredients list includes lots of good stuff, like glycerin, lactic acid and hyaluronic acid, and it performs really well. It retails for the insane price of £2.69 so it’s seriously wallet-friendly and definitely something to add to my What to Buy from the UK Drugstore post.

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