Three Ways to Depot & Store Your Lipsticks

I am not a crafty person. I don’t like DIY projects, I could think of nothing worse than making a scrapbook and I hate de-potting my individual eyeshadows into palettes. I love the idea of being this organised and having everything in a neat colour-coordinated system but I don’t have the patience to actually do it. If I was a little bit more industrious though, I would depot my (fairly extensive) lipstick collection using one of these methods:

How to Depot and Store Your Lipsticks | All Dolled Up

Jessica’s Method

Finding this tutorial on Beautezine is actually what inspired me to research the topic a bit more and put this post together. This extremely pleasing palette of Maybelline lipsticks is made by melting down the product over a flame and decanting it into a MAC Pro palette:

How to Depot and Store Your Lipsticks | All Dolled Up

See the full tutorial »

Sharon’s Method

By now you will know that Sharon Farrell is one of my favourite beauty YouTubers and, as a professional makeup artist, she came up with a clever and cost effective way to store her lipstick kit. She melts the bullets very gently in the oven and stores them in clear, stackable, plastic pots:

How to Depot and Store Your Lipsticks | All Dolled Up

See the full tutorial »

Alice’s Method

This is the way I would do it if I ever had the inclination because all you need to do is zap the lipsticks in the microwave once they’ve been depotted. Alice from Super Gorgeous stores the lipsticks in a Muji pillbox and I’m sure you could find something similar locally – try Mambos or Pax3D:

How to Depot and Store Your Lipsticks | All Dolled Up

See the full tutorial »

Shop online

Here are some empty palettes I found online from sites that ship to SA. I can’t find the MAC Cosmetics one online but they should sell it at the Pro store in the V&A Waterfront (you need to buy the insert separately):

4 comments on Three Ways to Depot & Store Your Lipsticks

  • Svetlana

    Hmmm…why would you do this?

    • Jules (author)

      If you have a lot of lipsticks, it can save a lot of storage space. It’s also a much more convenient way for makeup artists to carry around their kit than taking hundreds of tubes of lipsticks to every shoot.

    • Aarthi

      Hi. Its also serves a purpose for saving space when multiple lipsticks are reaching completion, but not quite finished yet! I don’t like to throw my almost finished lipsticks out, but it can be difficult to keep around all the almost tubes, which take up a lot of space, and prevent me from replacing them in my vanity table with full brand new lipsticks! …this is a great post! I’ve been hunting for an article like this for a long time, as I have an extensive lipstick collection and was looking to depot! PS. I like the 3rd option best-it seems Fool-proof and effecient.

    • Aarthi

      ^^ Look at the typos!!! 🙁 This is what happens when I’m feeling unwell, but up reading beauty blogs on a sunday night!

      …I’ve just discovered this blog today-and its quite nice! Thanks for keeping me company when I feel sick, but still need something to do!


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