Introducing COLAB Dry Shampoo

COLAB Dry Shampoo | All Dolled Up

Dry shampoo is one of those products that, once discovered, completely transformed my beauty routine. As someone who suffers (and I mean SUFFERS) with very thin, fine hair that I usually have to clean every single day, finding a product that would save me the time and hassle of washing and drying it on a daily basis was nothing short of miraculous. I thought the brands I had tried in SA were good, but then I tried COLAB on a visit to London and was hooked. I’m thrilled to announce that the brand is now available at Clicks and I would encourage you go out and buy it by the bucketload – here’s why:

It is truly sheer and invisible

Until I started using COLAB, I just thought that slight chalkiness was part of the deal – nevermind how brunettes coped with it! I used to leave the product to “set” for a while and then massage it through to get rid of the white dust but it never totally disappeared. With COLAB though, there is absolutely no trace of product in your hair – no residue, no chalkiness, no build-up and no texture*. It’s totally amazing and once you try it, I guarantee you will be obsessed!

The scents are delicious

The range comprises six signature fragrances which are subtle and sophisticated – no sickly sweet, headache-inducing scents here! They are:

  • London – classic
  • Paris – floral
  • New York – fruity
  • Tokyo – oriental
  • Rio – tropical
  • Monaco – fresh

My favourites are Monaco (smells like Tom Ford Neroli Portofino!), Tokyo and London.

It’s great value for money

I did a little survey of the “drugstore” brands available in Clicks, and while COLAB wasn’t the cheapest (R80 for 200ml vs. R70 for the same size Batiste dry shampoo), the fact that it performs better than its nearest competitors makes it WELL worth the extra R10. There is nothing more satisfying than an effective beauty product that is also affordable – everybody wins! The range was on a 3 for 2 promo when I bought it which makes it even more of a bargain.

It comes in a travel size

Lugging massive bottles of hair styling products around with me when I go to the gym or go away is one of my pet peeves. It just seems like such a waste of space when you invariably on need to use a tiny bit of product, so minis are ideal. Not only are they great for traveling but they’re also super handy to keep on your desk, in your handbag or in your car – you never know when your barnet will need a pick-me-up!

*I have tried the Extreme Volume variant which does have some texture, and while it’s ok for the lengths of your hair, I find that it weighs down my roots. It does what it is designed to do in the lengths (provide back-combed volume and lift) but I personally have other texturising sprays that I prefer.