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My Makeup Storage | All Dolled Up

If you’re an avid follower of YouTube beauty gurus like I am, then you’ve no doubt seen a few “make-up collection and storage” videos in your time. I’ve always been particularly green-eyed at the acrylic storage from Muji that features in many of them and even though I visit the UK regularly, it’s a bit too bulky to lug home in my suitcase.

My Makeup Storage | All Dolled Up

So the other day I popped into Pax3D in Green Point to see what they have and came home with this beauty: the nine drawer cosmetic organiser! Look, it ain’t cheap (R1250) but neither is the stuff from Muji and I personally think it’s worth the money considering how practical it is. You can fit loads of makeup (or whatever) in the drawers so it reduces clutter in my bedroom and makes finding everything I need in the morning a lot easier, saving me time and aggravation.

My Makeup Storage | All Dolled Up

I’ve divided each drawer up into different categories for ease of use e.g. bronzers & highlighters, eyeshadows & palettes, primers, blushers, powders and lipsticks. The drawers are nowhere near full so there’s plenty of extra space for new products (*evil laugh*) and the clear acrylic material makes it really easy to see what’s in each drawer.

My Makeup Storage | All Dolled Up

The remainder of my makeup collection is kept in a mixture of older Pax3D items (lipstick trays and acrylic organiser) and glass containers on top of my dressing table. This means that my makeup brushes, foundations, favourite lip products, eyeliners and brow pencils are within easy reach. Packing everything into this storage system also allowed me to do a good clear-out of bits and pieces that needed to be thrown or given away so that my collection is now condensed into all of my most loved and used items.

My Makeup Storage | All Dolled Up

So, how do you store your beauty goodies? Anyone have any other tips for where to find acrylic storage?

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5 comments on New Makeup Storage

  • Fatima

    I also store my makeup in an acrylic drawer.
    I have a 5 tier and I am obsessed with it. The 1 I have seems to be quite a bit smaller than the others I’ve seen (my sister has the deluxe organizer from 27pinkx) but I love it because it looks cuter.

    It has some sort of sophistication to it. And I also have acrylic cups to store my brushes.

    I got mine from Magicbox on Facebook

  • Nicola

    That looks like a great storage solution and not badly priced when compared with some of the other sets of acrylic drawers available locally.

  • Spruce Lifestyle

    *dies with envy* Amazing make up collection – looks fantastic so neatly arranged!

  • Dharmisha

    Love these…

    I have one too… bought one from a local supplier in JHB and now deiced to sell these, i have the 5 draw with closed lip or 4 draw with open top counter..need to get one for lipsticks and brushes!!! Love your posts!!!

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