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Camilla’s Current Skincare Routine

As mentioned in our Best of 2013 video series, I have completely changed my skincare routine over the past couple of months – I’ve even binned my good old Cetaphil cleanser after fifteen years of faithful service! I wanted to run you through what I’m using at the moment because I have seen such great results, and I thought it might be helpful if any of you are looking to switch things up a bit.

My Skincare Routine: Natalie

Natalie Roos

Today we’ll be continuing our series documenting the skincare routines of other people (see the previous post here), in order to give you some ideas for how to deal with any skin concerns you might have that are similar. Natalie is a professional make-up artist who also works in social media, and has a fab lifestyle blog called Tails of a Mermaid. She is very knowledgeable about beauty and make-up, and has written a brilliant tutorial on the correct way to clean your make-up brushes. Here’s how she looks after her skin (which always looks amazing by the way): “I…

My Skincare Routine: Tamsin

Tamsin, Jules & Camilla

This week we’ll be introducing a new series about other people’s skincare routines. The idea is to share different products, cleansing methods, skin types and concerns with you beyond our own experience. First up is Tamsin, our bestie, who has beautiful, pale skin that is normal to dry. She worries about fine lines and congestion on her nose and chin. “I use Dermalogica’s range, which is all plant-based, and my skin loves it. It’s expensive but each product lasts 3-6 months so I save up and ask friends to bring it over from the UK, where it is cheaper. Your…