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Top 10 UK Purchases

Camilla and Jules outside SpaceNK | All Dolled Up

This is a long overdue post, seeing as we went to London almost 2 months ago now! We filmed a video when we got home, but the microphone short-circuited, which resulted in a delightful high-pitched buzzing sound throughout…not ideal. Anyway, we thought perhaps it would be best to show you our respective top 5 purchases (to go through everything would take an age) sooner rather than later as we won’t have an opportunity to film together for the next few weeks. So here we go: Camilla’s Top 5 RMK Cheek Brush Without a doubt, my number one purchase. RMK is…

Morning-After Make-up

Morning-After Make-Up | All Dolled Up

This past Saturday was my hen party, a Clueless-themed bash of epic proportions, expertly organised by Camilla and the other bridesmaids. It goes without saying that it was a day filled with lots of fun, laughter, good food and plenty of champagne. After 14 solid hours of heavy duty girl time, I was understandably exhausted the next morning when I awoke early to attend my niece’s second birthday party. You can only imagine what state I was in when I stumbled out of the shower and prepared to make myself presentable, and quickly decided that I would need some industrial-strength…