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Dermapen Aftercare: Tips & Product Recommendations

At the risk of being extremely repetitive, I want to tell you all again how happy I have been with the results of my ongoing Dermapen treatments. 18 months and about 8 or 9 procedures down the line, my skin is noticeably firmer, fine lines are reduced and my pigmentation is significantly lighter. It’s not the most fun in the world – the treatment is uncomfortable and your face is on fire for 24 hours afterwards – but it is 100% worth it. Caring for your skin in the days after Dermapen is an important part of managing any discomfort…

What’s in my On-the-Go Beauty Bag

Whats in my On-the-Go Beauty Bag | All Dolled Up

This has the potential to be the most boring blog post of all time… but for some reason, I love taking a sneaky peek inside other people’s handbags so I figure a couple of you might too! “What’s in my Bag” videos are my guilty pleasure on YouTube (anyone else?!) so I thought I’d show you what goes into the little pouch that I keep in my main handbag. It’s a short list of absolute essentials: