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Autumn Beauty Update

Autumn Beauty Update | All Dolled Up

With the arrival of Easter Weekend came the much cooler weather in Cape Town, much to my disappointment. I’m a summer girl through and through but as much as I despise autumn and winter, it does give me the opportunity to introduce some new products into my beauty routine. Here are the items that will be getting some more use over the next few months: Skin My face is already starting to show signs of worse-than-usual dehydration so I’m upping my skincare game to include more hyaluronic acid, glycerin and other humectants, as well as hydrating oils. I have a…

Once-a-Week Wonders

Once a Week Wonders | Purple shampoo

When it comes to my beauty routine, I generally have a short attention span; I tend to try out lots of different products and my top shelf is on continuous rotation. There are, however, a few things that I do on a more regular basis than contribute to the maintenance of my nails, skin and hair. Here’s the list: At-home manicure I recently did a post on my DIY manicure essentials so you’re probably familiar with the tools I use to keep my nails in good nick. I go through this routine about once a week, usually at my desk…