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Flawless Face Series Part III: Concealer

Concealer Must-Haves

Concealer helps to even out your skin tone, cover blemishes and disguise dark circles. It comes in various forms – pens, creams, sticks – you will need to play around a little and see which formulation you like best.  I like to separate concealers into two categories: those for the under-eye area, and those for blemishes/the rest of the face. I always use two different concealers for these areas and I don’t like to interchange them. I like to use stick or a cream concealer for blemishes, and a light reflective concealer for under the eyes – the reason being…

Style36 BeautyBox

Style36 BeautyBox - Shop Now

I spotted a tweet from Style36 (previously 36Boutiques) the other day about a special deal on their new BeautyBox (R75 instead of the usual R95) so I decided to order one and see what it was like. It arrived earlier this week (delivery is always free and fast from them which is a big thumbs up in my book) but, to be honest, it was a little bit “meh”. It draws obvious comparisons to rubybox but this was a once-off “First Edition” purchase; no mention has yet been made of a subscription offering. It’s very difficult to compare them based…

Crisis Management: How To Cover An Enormous Spot


I woke up on Friday morning with a spot of such epic proportions that I was actually lost for words when I looked in the mirror (usually an expletive of some description springs from my lips in these situations). I took photos of it (for documentation purposes only, obviously), but I’m not ready to unleash them on you…however everyone who was in contact with me over the weekend will vouch that is was/is chronic. As I write this on Sunday night, it shows no signs of abating, so good coverage is my only option. I’m going to take you through…