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Shopping My Stash: Forgotten Products Rediscovered

Shopping the stash

Anna from Vivianna Does Makeup inspires me more than any other blogger – that girl just has so many good ideas. After reading one of her recent posts about “shopping the stash”, ie rummaging through your makeup to find hidden treasures, I decided to do just that. I love trying new products as much as the next girl, but there is something deeply satisfying about rediscovering an old favourite too – particularly if, like me, you hoard so many bits and bobs that you frequently forget what you actually have. So I unpacked my various boxes (of which there are many)…

Morning-After Make-up

Morning-After Make-Up | All Dolled Up

This past Saturday was my hen party, a Clueless-themed bash of epic proportions, expertly organised by Camilla and the other bridesmaids. It goes without saying that it was a day filled with lots of fun, laughter, good food and plenty of champagne. After 14 solid hours of heavy duty girl time, I was understandably exhausted the next morning when I awoke early to attend my niece’s second birthday party. You can only imagine what state I was in when I stumbled out of the shower and prepared to make myself presentable, and quickly decided that I would need some industrial-strength…