Quick Reviews #30 // Some New Summer Body Products

Summer is just around the corner, and the thought of having to bare my winter limbs has me in a bit of a panic. I loathe lying in the sun/going to the beach, so I have to fake it when it comes to tanning/not looking like Powder. Today I’m going to run you through some new additions which I think are brilliant: a wash-off bronzing lotion, a body butter that smells like summer in a tube, and a body oil so glorious, you will never want to wash it off.

CHANEL N°5 Fragments D’Or*

Have you ever seen anything so beautiful? A bottle of pure, golden heaven. It’s so beautiful, in fact, that I can barely bring myself to use it! This sumptuous body oil is part of the CHANEL N°5 Holiday collection, and if you really want to spoil someone this Christmas, then look no further.

The body oil is generously perfumed with the iconic N°5 scent, and contains delicate flecks of golden glitter to illuminate the skin. When I say ‘generously perfumed’, I mean it – this oil is as potent as the EDP, which is incredible. In my experience, fragranced body oils tend deliver a more diluted version of the original scent, but this offering from CHANEL is the real deal – you will definitely be able to forgo applying the EDP on top. If you are a fan of N°5, then you will absolute adore this, and it will make for a very luxurious addition to your fragrance and body care routine.

This product launched on 9 November 2017 and will be available while stocks last. It retails for R1,530.

The Body Shop Honey Bronze Bronzing Body BB Cream

Another fabulous discovery by my Mom (she always finds the best stuff)! This wash-off tanning lotion is the perfect winter-spring/summer transition product: leaves the skin with a lovely, natural colour, it helps blur out imperfections and doesn’t have that tell-tale self-tan smell. It lasts for 24 hours (or until you have your next shower) so it’s ideal if you’re not a fan of traditional self-tanning lotions, and you also don’t need to worry about ending up with streaks/dark patches – if you make a mistake, you can just wash it off and start again. It dries down quickly, and once it sets, it won’t transfer onto fabrics, so your clothes are safe. Admittedly I have not put it to the test on a super hot day, so I don’t know if it streaks/runs if you get a bit sweaty, but I am sure that it will hold up well.

The colour match is perfect for me so I haven’t had to apply more than one layer, but I would advise that if you want to build it up, work fast in order to avoid any potential patchiness. If you’re very pale and want something a bit less bronzey, then I would suggest mixing it with another body lotion to dilute the colour a bit.

Retails for R200.00.

Caribbeantan Skin Hydrating Body Butter*

This is not a new product, but the packaging has been revamped: it used to be housed in a tub, and it’s now packaged in a more travel-friendly squeeze tube.

I have really been enjoying using this. I wouldn’t normally gravitate towards something so sweet, but the gentle milk and honey combination is so delicious that I can’t stop myself! It smells soft and summery, like school holidays, basically. It sinks in quickly and does a great job of keeping the skin supple and hydrated, and it has the added benefit of extending the life of any self-tanning lotion which may have been applied. And it’s cheap as chips: only R59.95.

*PR Samples

One comment on Quick Reviews #30 // Some New Summer Body Products

  • Siobhan Yeatman

    I’m very keen to try out that BB tanner from The Body Shop! I can’t get on board with that Caribbean Tan butter though – I don’t have the driest skin in the world (although it has been made a bit drier by some medication I have been on), and this butter just doesn’t do it for me. It smells divine, but it feels great on application and a couple of hours later my skin feels like it needs additional nourishment.
    Now this could just be due to my meds (which I’m now off, thankfully), but my butters from The Body Shop and Spalicious keep my skin nourished until I shower, and they don’t feel greasy or sticky.

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