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I haven’t dedicated a standalone post to a skincare item for as long as I can remember. Today that changes, because the Renewing Facial Therapy Serum from Africology is just that good. We were sent it at the beginning of August as part of a Women’s Day celebration and I have been using it 5-6 times a week ever since (all proceeds from the sale of this serum during the month of August were donated to Babies Behind Bars – a non-profit organisation that assists mothers in prison whose children are born during their sentence).

First off: who is it best for/what does it do/how does it work? This serum is recommended for all skin types, but is particularly good for those with dry and/or damaged skin (that’d be me, then). It protects sensitive and reaction-prone skin by defending it against aging (why you would want to ‘defend’ yourself against a natural process is beyond me – but that is another discussion for another day) and external aggressors. It contains Padinami, a purified extract of brown seaweed which is cultivated in Mediterranean marine farms, and serves to restore elasticity to the skin. The Padinami is stabilised in jojoba oil, a carrier oil that is easily absorbed and resists oxidation. The serum works by naturally stimulating glycosaminoglycan (no, I don’t know how to pronounce it either),  a group of complex proteins which are a fundamental component of the skin tissue, and it also aids collagen synthesis. The result: plump, firm, revitalised skin.

I use it in the evenings after cleansing and spritzing my face with Avène Thermal Spring Water Spray. I dispense 3-4 drops into the palms of my hands, breathe in the delicious aroma and then massage it into my face and neck. I was a little surprised by the scent at first, as I was expecting something quite floral/botanical, but it has a distinctly peppery note to it which I now adore. It’s a very theraputic product to use – as soon as I apply it and smell its aroma, it’s as though a little ‘relax’ switch goes off in my head and I feel instantly calm.

I have been using it for about five weeks now so I feel like I’m now in a position to give feedback on the results. In a word: impressive. I have been bowled over by it, actually. It feels fantastic on the skin, is immensely hydrating without feeling heavy or greasy and works well in conjunction with other products. It also has fantastic anti-inflammatory properties and really helps manage red/inflamed areas – something I really appreciate on account of my rosacea. To be honest the first time I really noticed the results was when I didn’t use it for 3-4 days last month because I wanted to test another product in isolation. It was during those couple of days that I noticed a change in the texture and tone of the skin on my cheeks and forehead – it felt a bit rougher to the touch and there was a definite lack of glow. I started using this serum again and I literally saw a change overnight – the next day my skin felt smoother and it looked a whole lot more nourished. Seeing is believing with this one, that’s for sure!

Verdict: the Africology Renewing Facial Therapy Serum (or ‘My Magic Potion’, as I like to call it) gets a firm stamp of approval from me. Retails for R690/30ml and you can get it here.

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  • Tamsin

    I definitely want to try this! The products used during my Africology facial were amazing. I’m currently using the Clarins Blue Orchid oil, after spritzing my face with rose water; also very good.

    • Camilla (author)

      You must – I think it will really suit your skin. Africology facials are my all time favourite – nothing beats them.

  • Minelle

    What moisturizer do you use with that? I would love to try this, sounds perfect for my dehydrated skin. Thanks for the post

    • Camilla (author)

      Thanks Minelle! I alternate between Ordinary Skincare Day Cream SPF30 and SKOON Super Moisturiser – both locally made.

  • Minelle

    Thank you for your quick response. I was looking at SKOON, will definitely contact Stella. Enjoy the rest of the weekend!!

  • Dumisani

    Wow! This Africology serum sounds really good, even the comments from the people who have used it recommend it so immensely.

    Hi my name is Dumisani, I am dark in complexion and I have a sensitive skin and an uneven skin tone, my forehead, cheeks and on the sides of my face, I am darker. Then my nose, eye area and my neck are lighter. So I need your help in choosing the right skin care product that uses natural ingredients, that can help balance my skin tone. At first when I got into this site I was looking for Nuxe skin care products, because I’ve used them before. So I need to know if Nuxe is the right product for me or not, or can you recommend a more reliable skin care product? Please Help!!!

    Thank you

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