The Beauty Know It All

I realise I’m pretty late to the party with this, because Nadine Baggott is a very well established and respected British beauty editor, but I only discovered her YouTube channel this weekend! I proceeded to binge through an embarrassingly large number of her videos and tried to absorb every single little pearl of skincare wisdom that I could. She’s extremely knowledgeable but also communicates the science behind products and ingredients in layman’s terms so it’s easy to understand and therefore easy to remember.

Nadine Baggott

Nadine is completely no-nonsense and famously honest about the procedures she’s had, including Botox and lip fillers, which is so refreshing in an age where most celebrities and beauty professionals like to pretend they’ve never had an injectable in their lives; something which baffles and annoys me no end. It’s also nice to get sensible advice from someone over the age of 40 (she’s actually 54) who has a significant amount of experience and personally tests so many different products. It’s the same reason I listen to Caroline Hirons – it’s much easier for me to take them seriously than some 25-year-old YouTuber telling you about their anti-ageing skincare routine.

I’ve now subscribed to her channel (“The Beauty Know It All, a YouTube channel for beauty grown-ups” – love it!) and eagerly anticipate the next installment in her regular vlog series. In case you haven’t heard of her or, like me, hadn’t seen her videos before, here are five of my favourites so far:

The Truth About Botox

The Truth About Lip Fillers

Skincare Dupes to Save You Money

My Summer Skin Savers

The Truth About Vitamin C