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Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette


How glorious? The shade selection is sublime (I am a warm-toned girl through-and-though), the shadows are insanely pigmented, they blend like a dream and they wear really well. And the applicator brush that comes with the palette is brilliant – hands down the best I’ve ever tried. I love the versatility of this palette too, you can create so many different types of looks, and a little pop of red/orange/ochre makes my eyes look so blue, which I love. The only slight downside for me is that the shadows kick up a lot of powder, which feels a bit wasteful to me. You need to use a very light hand when dipping your brushes into the palette, otherwise the shadows go all over the place.

I know you want to see swatches, so here you go:



If you want to see a tutorial with this palette, let me know!

REPLICA ‘Lazy Sunday Morning’ by Maison Martin Margiela

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The ‘REPLICA’ fragrance collection was created to evoke the scents hidden deep in our memories, like ‘Beach Walk’ (a walk along a sandy beach), ‘Jazz Club’ (masculine and exhilarating ambiance of a Brooklyn jazz club), ‘By the Fireplace’ (the warmth of a cozy fireplace in midwinter)…you get the picture. ‘Lazy Sunday Morning’ is designed to smell like soft skin and bed linen, and to evoke the feeling of a sun-drenched morning of relaxation. How amazing does that sound?

I typically gravitate towards heavier, sexier fragrances (Tom Ford, YSL, Narciso Rodriguez), but this is as light as a feather and I can’t get enough of it.  This was my Christmas present from Julia, and I collect compliments every time I wear it – it’s just the most lovely, fresh, delicious scent. The staying power is impressive too – others can still smell it on me after a good 8 hours! Also, can we just take a minute to appreciate the packaging? Absolutely gorgeous.

For those who care about/understand the notes (I don’t): Aldehydes, Pear, Lily of the Valley, Iris, Rose Absolue, Orange Flower, White Musk, Indian Patchouli Oil, Ambrette Seeds Absolute.

Urban Decay Optical Blurring Brush*

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If you enjoy a domed foundation brush, then this will be right up your alley. I first discovered this brush many moons ago (I’m talking London days…6 years ago) and loved it then, but somehow I lost it and never got around to replacing it. Luckily for me, the lovely folks at Urban Decay sent me a replacement, and I am thrilled to be reunited with my long-lost love. The bristles are soft and densely packed, allowing you to really buff your foundation seamlessly, creating a blurred effect on the skin (hence the name). I wouldn’t say it’s necessarily better than the Bobbi Brown Full Coverage Face Brush, but I like using it more because it has a longer handle and feels like it’s weighted a bit better. It’s also really easy to clean (despite the bristles being so tightly packed), so you’ll be able to rinse out every last bit of product when you wash your brushes (this is important for someone as OCD as me – I can’t stand the sight of stained brushes).

E45 Cream

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I know this is a particularly bland and unexciting product to feature in a Favourites post, but it has to be done. My skin gets particularly itchy in the summer, so finding a product to help keep my skin soft and supple without aggravating the itch is crucial. Last year I tried (and loved) the Cetaphil RestoraDerm Skin Restoring Body Moisturiser, and had every intention of repurchasing it, until my mother handed me this ginormous tub of E45. I have used E45 on and off my whole life, and every time I come back to it, I am reminded of how fantastic it is. The consistency is really creamy and comforting to use, plus it’s fragrance free so it won’t compete with whatever fragrance you choose to wear. It’s simple, no-frills, no-fuss, and it gets the job done.

I have been using it mainly on the legs, torso and neck, as those are the areas that tend to get itchy, and then I apply Skin Creamery Everyday Cream on my arms and décolleté. The combination has been working really well for me, and so far, my skin has been behaving. Hurrah!

Tangle Teezer Ultimate Finishing Hairbrush*

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Believe it or not, I’d never used a Tangle Teezer prior to this one. But after the first use it, it became an essential in my collection, and now I can’t imagine my routine without it. It’s different from the original Tangle Teezer in that it’s not intended to be used to be used on wet hair (although you certainly could), but instead to dry-style and finish the hair. It has been designed specifically to create up-dos, add volume and maintain hair extensions.

Whilst it is a great finishing tool, I like to use it to distribute product through my damp hair (it has two levels of ‘teeth’ which help coat every strand), and to rough-dry prior to using a curling tong (it says not to use it with heat, but I haven’t seen any melted bristles yet, so I say go for it). I’m not altogether sure how or why, but I find my curls hold longer if I rough-dry first using this brush instead of any of the others in my collection. I think it has to do with the fact that it doesn’t actually straighten my hair, but rather just aids in the drying process while keeping frizz to a minimum. Not sure if that makes sense, but it’s my theory.

It’s also a doddle to clean, which makes it a brilliant styling tool. A quick once-over with some shampoo and a scrubbing brush, and all the product build-up is gone. Wonderful!

*PR Samples

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