Mini Korean Skincare Haul

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My family and I recently traveled to Vietnam to visit my baby sister, and on our final day in Hanoi I stumbled upon a TonyMoly store, much to my delight! TonyMoly is a Korean beauty brand which is famed not only for its effective skincare, but also for it’s adorable packaging. Had I been left unattended, I would have done a great deal more damage, but because I had my sweaty and irritable family watching me shop, I had to work fast! Here’s what I bought…

TonyMoly Egg Pore Blackhead Steam Balm

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This mask claims to soften your pores without the use of a warm cloth – instead, it makes use of sulphur water and a heating agent to warm up the skin. It contains three types of scrubs (all biodegradable): a salt scrub, for the removal of whiteheads; a charcoal scrub, for the removal of blackheads; and capsules of egg yolk (hence the name) to nourish and soothe the skin. This powerful combination aims to remove all clogged sebum in your pores, leaving you with clear, gleaming skin.

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You are supposed to gently massage it on for 3-5 minutes, and once it turns white (like fluffy egg whites), you’ll know it’s time to remove it. I haven’t actually used this mask yet, so I can’t provide a review at the moment. I will keep you posted!

TonyMoly Panda’s Dream So Cool Eye Stick

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I’d be lying if I said I bought this for any reason other than the packaging. LOOK. AT. IT! This balm is housed in a little panda about the size of a lipstick – it’s so dinky and cute that it actually makes me clench my jaw. I can’t tell you what’s in it (the ingredients don’t seem to be listed in English anywhere), but I can tell you that it feels really cooling when you apply it. I swipe it under each eye when I get out of the shower and it feels fantastic. It sinks in immediately and doesn’t leave any residue, so it won’t interfere with makeup. I can’t honestly say that it reduces puffiness, but it definitely feels good, and using it makes me happy, so that’s enough for me!

TonyMoly Pocket Bunny Moist Mist

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Again with the cute packaging – too much! This hydrating mist is so lovely, I’m glad I had to good sense to grab myself a back-up while I was in the store. According to the TonyMoly website, it is “infused with raspberry, strawberry, peach, and baobab tree extracts for long lasting hydration. Created with the celtic waters from the French park Vosges du Nord, your skin will receive ample nutrition though the included minerals.”

It smells fantastic, and the spray pump is delicate, so it dispenses a super-fine mist – it’s so fine that you almost can’t feel it. I like to apply it after I’ve cleansed, and then again after I’ve moisturised. I also find myself reaching for it multiple times during the day – I should probably start leaving it at home, otherwise I’ll plough through it in no time.

TonyMoly Sheet Masks

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I went full ‘Reggie’s Toy Rush’ on the sheet masks – I picked up maybe two or three of each variation (but that number also includes gifts, I’m not that selfish). I like TonyMoly masks because a) they’re effective; b) they’re affordable (R40 each); and c) they fit the size of my face perfectly. I can’t stand it when sheet masks are so massive that they end up all over my hair and half way down my neck – I like it when they’re neat and compact. A quick run down of the masks I bought and what they claim to do:

  • Broccoli – Vitality
  • Pomegranate – Elasticity
  • Rice – Clear Skin
  • Avocado – Nutrition
  • Aloe – Moisturising
  • Tea Tree – Soothing
  • Seaweed – Purifying
  • Makgeolli  – Purifying

I like to pop one on while I’m in the bath to ensure maximum relaxation levels. Bath + sheet mask + G&T + beauty videos = heaven.

Laneige Water Sleeping Mask

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This is a Singapore Airport duty-free purchase, and a remarkably affordable one at that! I got a pack of two masks for R565, which is pretty impressive considering that everything else in that airport is ridiculously overpriced (Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation for R400…I don’t think so).

Laneige is a Japanese brand, and their main focus is hydration. This mask, as the name suggests, is designed to be worn overnight in order to allow the skin maximum time to soak up all the beneficial ingredients. It contains patented SLEEP-TOX to purify the skin, as well as MOISTURE WRAP to help retain moisture throughout the night. Don’t you want to just dive into this jar?

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The formulation is a gel/cream hybrid, and it’s delicious. It seeps into the skin and restores bounce and vitality, and it doesn’t leave any sticky residue (bonus). It feels really thick and comforting when you apply it, like you’re giving your skin a proper boost of hydration. I can tell that this is going to become a firm favourite.

3 comments on Mini Korean Skincare Haul

  • Diva Desle

    I have the Tony Moly Pocket Bunny Mist and Tony Moly Face Masks too. I love it so much. 😉 I use the pocket bunny mist to set my makeup on some days. I love the lemon and red wine masks from Tony Moly. I wish they were available in South Africa. Great haul. xoxo

  • Hildegarde_k

    Oh my goodness, this looks amazing! I’ve been reading up on K-skincare and the sheet masks and the water sleeping masks are also on my list. Glad to hear the water sleeping mask is a goodie!

  • Suzette

    Great haul, I looooove Korean beauty products. Just a schlep to get them here. Love Missha and Etude house masks. Also their BB creams. Will have to try the Tony Moly some time 🙂

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