Colourpop Unboxing

Find out what Jules ordered from Colourpop + swatches and first impressions!

Products mentioned:

Lippie Stix in “Oh Snap” (matte finish)
Ultra Satin Lips in “Magic Wand” (satin finish)
Ultra Satin Lips in “Panda” (satin finish)
Super Shock Shadow in “Weenie” (pearlized finish)
Super Shock Shadow in “I ♥ This” (metallic finish)
Super Shock Shadow in “Hanky Panky” (matte finish)
Highlighter in “Lunch Money” (pearlized finish)

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8 comments on Colourpop Unboxing

  • sophia

    Wow your video makes me want Colourpop so much more now 🙂

  • Pink Peonies

    Thank you so much for linking to my blog post, Jules. xo Loved the video! And looooooooove ColourPop. 🙂

  • Melissa

    Hello Julia.
    Just want to warn your viewers that a person isn’t always so lucky as you were with customs. I ordered R850 worth of colourpop recently and paid R650 in customs. That was on top of the shipping fee. I also ordered something else from Aramex Global Shopper valued at R2000 and ended up paying R1000 duties on that as well. Just thought your viewers would like to know so that they don’t end up budgeting and then get a shocker that throws their budget out completely.

    • Jules (author)

      Hi Melissa – as far as I know, the official policy is that orders with a value under R500 (excluding shipping) are exempt from customs duties but this seems to be applied whenever and however the post office feel like it! It really is just luck of the draw, but generally speaking, the smaller the order the less likely it is to be charged.

  • LeighlaMcGregor

    Yay for reviewing cruelty-free Colourpop! 🙂 Not enough cruelty-free brands available in SA… 🙁

  • Nabeela

    Hi Julia
    I think you should tell your readers to research Aramex Global Shopper extensively before joining. I also joined after a blogger promoted them and boy do I regret it. Their customer service is non existent and I have ordered from them 3 times, the first time I had to query why I wasn’t receiving updates about my package and thereafter everything went smoothly. My second item which I ordered a month ago has been held by them for 3 weeks with no one helping me or replying to my emails! My third order I had to remind them that it’s at their NY hub for them to start moving, 5 days after it had arrived on getting it to me.

    Hello Peter is riddled with reviews of unhappy customers and so is their Facebook page. I am requesting a refund and canceling my subscription with them as soon as I get my orders.

    • Jules (author)

      That sounds awful! There’s no doubt that ordering stuff from overseas is fraught with issues for South Africans. I must have had a lucky experience, and often I think that’s what it boils down to: luck!

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