How To: Feline Flick Eye Liner


Sunday afternoon. Warm winter sunshine. Couch. British Vogue. That, ladies, is my version of heaven. Add Kate Moss to the mix and, well, I’m pretty much the happiest girl in the world. My number one girl crush (sorry VB) was featured in this month’s edition looking as gorgeous as ever, complete with retro two-pieces, statement jewelry and animal print. The make-up was very seductive – smokey kitten-flick eyeliner and mussed-up, Brigitte Bardot hair – no one dons either of those looks quite as effortlessly as Miss Moss (or Mrs Hince, rather) – the woman literally smoulders she’s so sexy. I know a lot of women (myself included) find winged eye liner quite intimidating, but it really is a case of practice makes perfect. I struggle to wear an exaggerated flick, so I have learnt to adapt the style to suit my eye shape so that I feel comfortable – there’s no point in wearing this look if you are going to feel self-conscious all day/night. With that in mind, I thought it might be helpful to introduce you to a few of my favourite video tutorials showing the different ways of doing a winged liner. But before we get there…

Just look at how magnificent she is! That body! Those cheekbones! I could go on for days, but I won’t – instead I’ll leave you to look through these photographs and weep silently into your breakfast. Like I did.

Vogue-UK-June-2013-Kate-Moss-15 Vogue-UK-June-2013-Kate-Moss-09 Vogue-UK-June-2013-Kate-Moss-08 Vogue-UK-June-2013-Kate-Moss-07Now comes the fun part: learning how to recreate this look yourself! Each of the videos below have a different take on the classic feline flick, so I hope there will be something for everybody. Take it away, Meg, Lisa and Charlotte…

Megan from Lips So Facto

Lisa Eldridge

Charlotte Tilbury

One final parting shot from Kate…


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