Beauty Spotlight: Real Techniques Make-up Brushes

By now you probably know that Camilla and I are huge fans of the gals at Pixiwoo. Sam Chapman, one of the sisters that make up the dynamic duo, has her own line of high-quality make-up brushes under the name Real Techniques. Sam has been a pro make-up artist for over 15 years and, together with sister Nic, boasts nearly one million YouTube subscribers. People like me eagerly await their twice-weekly uploads for great make-up tutorials and product reviews.

With all this experience and beauty knowledge, Sam’s range of brushes was always going to be fantastic and I have not been disappointed. Not only do they work like a dream but they’re affordable and you can now get them shipped to SA.

A bit about the line

  • The bristles are made from an ultra-plush, synthetic material called Taklon that is 100% cruelty-free. The soft fibers help create a flawless, high-definition finish in any type of light.
  • The color-coded system corresponds to the key steps of makeup application so they’re easy to use. Brush names on the handles also make for easy reference when creating your favourite look.
  • Each brush head is hand-cut to the perfect shape, allowing for precise application from dense coverage to a soft, delicate finish.
  • The collection is suitable for a wide range of products and every makeup need – from powders, creams, and liquids to mineral makeup, highlighter, and shimmer. Natural-hair brushes absorb liquid and cream products, which can make application uneven and is why synthetic brushes are more versatile.

My favourites

I have almost the full complement of Real Techniques brushes because I’ve been so impressed with them. Here are my favourites:

Buffing brush
The best foundation brush I’ve ever used, this brush allows for smooth, flawless application of any kind of base – liquid, cream or powder. Comes as part of the Core Collection which costs approx. £20 and includes four excellent face brushes.

Stippling brush
Dual-fibre brush that gives even, light coverage when used for foundation and also great for applying cream blush without disturbing the base underneath.

Blush brush
A big, fluffy brush with a slightly tapered tip that deposits the perfect amount of product while the surrounding bristles softly blend it out. I use it for blush and bronzer but it also makes a great powder brush for all over mattifying.

You can buy Real Techniques brushes from or Feel Unique and Look Fantastic, both of whom offer FREE worldwide delivery. I also highly recommend subscribing to their YouTube channel and following Nic and Sam on Twitter.

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15 comments on Beauty Spotlight: Real Techniques Make-up Brushes

  • Cara

    Im longing to buy the core collection did you have a problem with customs when they were posted to you? X

    • Jules (author)

      The whole process with customs seems to be quite hit and miss to be honest. There is supposed to be a threshold (I think it’s R400) but some people have reported getting charged import duties under that amount, and people with orders of a greater value sometimes don’t get charged at all. Your safest bet in my opinion is to place a small order (e.g. ONLY the Core Collection) as that’s the safest way to avoid any hassles – although with the SA postal service it can’t be guaranteed! I know some people who haven’t had any problems though so give it a shot 🙂

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  • robyn


    Just thought I would leave a comment as I just received my real technique brushes. Ordered then from my prettyfaceplace. Only cost approx R500 for the eye brushes starter kit, the core collection kit and separate stippling brush plus delivery, so 10 brushes in total. Ordered them on the 16th december and they arrived a month later from America. Had to pay R33 at post office for import duty.

    • Jules (author)

      Awesome! It’s so easy to order them from overseas (and R33 in duties is nothing!) but most people can’t be bothered I guess. I’m sure you will enjoy using them 🙂

    • Fatima

      I’m about to order the core collection from PrettyFacePlace.
      My total is $24.90

      I’ve never shopped online before, let alone from another country.
      How does one pay in dollars?
      Can someone explain it all to me please?

    • Chantelle


      Just a quick question: did you use your physical address or a PO BOX? I’ve been trying to figure this out, but would you still have to collect it at the post office even though you provided a physical address?

      Your response is appreciated!

      • Fatima

        Hey Chantelle. I ordered the Core Collection from Real Techniques from and I used my home address and I tracked my parcel until it reached my local post office and then I went to pick it up.

        • Chantelle

          Thank you so much Fatima! Will definitely be ordering x

        • Nabz Es

          Hi everyone
          Please help me with my question…I have been looking at “” and the prices for the real techniques brushes are really low/cheap. Is this legit? I live in CAPE TOWN, South Africa and we have an online shop that offers these brushes but at ridiculous prices.
          The difference in price is shocking to say the least so I am a bit skeptical to purchase these items.
          I want to order the exact same things as Robyn (above) and according to I will be paying R588.95
          If I had to oder them from I would be paying R2297!!! That is a difference of R1708.05!!!
          Boots in UK is also more than MPFP but not as much as SA

          PLEASE ADVISE…

  • Crystal

    Hi Fatima, when you ordered your set at my pretty face place, How did you make you payment? I dont have a credit card and this pay pal is making my head spin coz i dont understand it.

    How did you manage to make payment?

    Please advise and which shipping option did you choose?

    • Fatima

      Chantelle, I used a normal debit card, and it worked fine. I chose the quicker shipping and got it in exactly 2 weeks time. Paid about R70 at the post office.
      I also bought some other things which Samantha from MyPrettyFacePlace ordered for me and sent with my order from her online store

      • Crystal


  • Chantel

    Hi there just want to check, did the order to Cape Town (South Africa) get here? Very sceptical as I’m waiting over 2months for Sigma order…

    • Nabz

      Hi. You can get RT at Foschini in Canal Walk or Tygervally

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