Beauty Spotlight: MAC 217 Blending Brush

MAC Cosmetics
You too can create this unusual look with a MAC 217! Or maybe not…

I was reminded this week of how wonderful this make-up brush is while on the hunt for a birthday present for my friend Donné. I was trying to think of some essential products that I use on a daily basis to give her as part of a little beauty basics kit, and suddenly the MAC 217 popped into my head. I simply couldn’t live without this magical little blending tool and here’s why:

The fine, natural-fibre bristles are perfectly shaped into an oval point that makes softening the edges of your shadow a breeze. It can be used to add a wash colour all over the lid, shade in the crease or blend out your eyeshadow for a more natural finish. It’s soft and fluffy so it feels comfortable to use but the bristles are packed densely enough to be extremely effective. It can also be used to apply creamier, more emollient products (like concealer) because of its density.

MAC 217 Blending Brush So, if you’re looking to add a hard-working, multi-tasking blending brush to your collection, then go out and get one of these. They aren’t cheap, but if you look after your brushes and wash them properly and on a regular basis, then it will last you a lifetime. A real investment piece.

Just read the reviews here if you don’t believe me!

Price: R275
Availability: MAC

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