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What to Buy from MAC

What to Buy from MAC

I’ve had a lot of conversations with readers and fellow beauty bloggers recently about where MAC fits into a market that is now so saturated with affordable (and not-so-affordable) high-quality makeup. There is no question that the brand was an industry trailblazer for many years and was the first choice for professional makeup artists and amateur beauty buffs alike. However, as the world of makeup and skincare has exploded in recent times, their offering has become less competitive and more expensive, which made me think: well, what is worth buying from MAC? It’s not really a question of quality or…

MAC’s New Online Store

MAC South Africa | All Dolled Up

If you follow us on Twitter and Instagram then you might have seen us mention the new MAC South Africa e-commerce store which went live last week. We’re both big fans of MAC but stock control has never been one of their strong points, so the fact that you can now shop online is music to our ears! It’s also so handy to be able to browse shades, formulations and prices without being bothered by a shop assistant. If you are a make-up newbie or don’t have any MAC products yet then these are the ones I would recommend checking…

Beauty Spotlight: MAC 217 Blending Brush

MAC Cosmetics

I was reminded this week of how wonderful this make-up brush is while on the hunt for a birthday present for my friend Donn√©. I was trying to think of some essential products that I use on a daily basis to give her as part of a little beauty basics kit, and suddenly the MAC 217 popped into my head. I simply couldn’t live without this magical little blending tool and here’s why: The fine, natural-fibre bristles are perfectly shaped into an oval point that makes softening the edges of your shadow a breeze. It can be used to add…