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Battling with ‘Winter Face’? Here’s How to Fix It.

I believe it was Alexa Chung who coined the phrase ‘winter face’ in a Lisa Eldridge video a few months ago (watch it here). You know what she means: that dry, lackluster, grey skin that seems to surface as soon as the temperatures drop. Gone is your spring/summer luminosity, radiance and clarity, and left in its place: flat, one-dimensional skin. Bleugh. Despite loving winter and the accompanying roaring fires, jerseys and general cosiness, I loathe what it does to my skin. The good news is that even though winter face will try and stake its claim, you can avoid it…

Winter Beauty Update

Winter face masks | All Dolled Up

Masks My collection of face masks is getting a little out of control but I really do love them! My combination skin gets particularly dehydrated in winter, which can leave my face uncomfortably tight and even stinging in places from lack of water. The Clarins Hydra-Quench Cream Mask is packed with hyaluronic acid (obvs), and other happy skin ingredients like katafray bark and vitamin E that help to prevent moisture loss. Similarly, the Antipodes Aura Manuka Honey Mask uses nature’s most powerful moisturiser to draw water to the skin. Both work beautifully as overnight treatments too. Skin Serums and oils…

Winter Beauty Update

Winter Beauty Update | All Dolled Up

I’m a summer girl, there are no two ways about it. I love sunshine, being outside in my bare feet, the sand in my toes and salty beach hair. Winter is my nemesis: it wreaks havoc on my skin, hair and nails and leaves me feeling slightly depressed. We can’t avoid it however, so here are my top tips for injecting a little cold weather TLC into your beauty routine:

Kiehl’s Change Your Skin Challenge: Week 1

Kiehl's Change Your Skin Challenge

Last week I started using Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate on my face every night, as part of the 28-day Change Your Skin Challenge. Kiehl’s kindly gave both Camilla and me a full-size bottle of the overnight anti-ageing elixir (which, if used every night would last us three months at least) to test and report back on. I already used KMRC as part of my night-time beauty routine but alternating it in a three-day cycle with Alpha-H Liquid Gold and a regular moisturiser. I had a suspicion that it was causing me to break out so I was somewhat hesitant to…

Skin Solutions: Dry vs. Dehydrated

Dry vs. Dehydrated Skin

Until very recently, I had no idea that there was a difference between dry and dehydrated skin, and it occurred to me that many of you may not have known either. It is especially relevant going into winter, so here is my guide to telling the difference and how to address each particular concern.