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Holiday Hauls: Travel Minis

Holiday Hauls: Travel Minis

Kalimera! Greetings from Greece! The past week has been super relaxing (eat, swim, sleep, and repeat) and now that I’m feeling refreshed I thought I would share a few holiday purchases with you. This haul is from a quick stopover in London where I picked up some travel minis from Boots (don’t you just LOVE minis?!): Soap & Glory Hand Maid and Hand Food As you have know doubt picked up from frequent mentions on this site, I’m a die-hard S&G fan and can’t resist their pocket-sized versions of classic products. Both Hand Maid anti-bac waterless cleanser and Hand Food…

Brand I Wish Was in SA: Soap & Glory

Soap & Glory

Soap & Glory is a brand that succeeds where so many others have failed, by producing brilliant make-up and cosmetics that are just as effective as their scrumptious bodycare products. I can’t think of another brand that does this (certainly not at this price point), and definitely not with such flair – have you seen the packaging?! They describe themselves as “a fun, fresh, fearless, fantastic British beauty brand created by suds-loving entrepreneur and celebrity facialist Marcia Kilgore.” They also recommend “applying products with happiness and abandon, because while beauty absolutely matters, it doesn’t matter absolutely.” I couldn’t agree more.…