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My Updated In-Flight Skincare Routine

In flight skincare routine | All Dolled Up

I am a slave to all things Lisa Eldridge and her in-flight beauty routine is one of my favourite posts of hers. I wrote my own version a few years ago but the products I use have changed quite a lot recently so I think it’s time for an update. I’m going overseas on Sunday and these are the skincare stars I’ll be packing in my carry-on:

Asian Skincare Haul

If you follow us on Twitter and Instagram you will have seen a post a few weeks ago featuring my haul from Peach and Lily, an Asian beauty and skincare site. I have been interested in Korean skincare for a while (all thanks to this post from She’s In The Glow), but felt quite overwhelmed by the product selection and didn’t quite know where to start. Enter, Peach and Lily. I first learned about Peach and Lily through Into The Gloss when they did a feature on the founder, Alicia Yoon (who, bizarrely, did an MBA at Harvard with a high school…