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Tails of a Mermaid Hair & Makeup Workshop

Tails of a Mermaid Hair & Makeup Workshop

Listen up, ladies of Cape Town! Our lovely lady friend, Natalie Roos, is giving an awesome hair and make-up workshop at the end of the month and you need to sign up! If Camilla and I weren’t both going to be away that weekend we would be there like a shot – here are the details: She’ll cover the basics like foundation types, textures and shades, how to contour correctly, and the best colours to use for your skin tone. Then you’ll get a tutorial on how to put together an easy but effective daytime and evening make-up look and…

My Skincare Routine: Natalie

Natalie Roos

Today we’ll be continuing our series documenting the skincare routines of other people (see the previous post here), in order to give you some ideas for how to deal with any skin concerns you might have that are similar. Natalie is a professional make-up artist who also works in social media, and has a fab lifestyle blog called Tails of a Mermaid. She is very knowledgeable about beauty and make-up, and has written a brilliant tutorial on the correct way to clean your make-up brushes. Here’s how she looks after her skin (which always looks amazing by the way): “I…