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The Wedding: Make-up Tutorial

On Monday you would have seen all the “getting ready” photos from the wedding day and today we have a video tutorial for you that shows an everyday version of the look I wore. It’s a very classic soft eye with a neutral lip that can be amped up for a special occasion, or toned down for day-to-day wear. Enjoy!

Charlotte Tilbury Wish List

Happy Friday beauties! What would Friday be without a little product lust, am I right? Regular readers will be more than familiar with the deep love that Jules and I share for the fabulous Charlotte Tilbury, and when she announced the release of her eponymous make-up line, we both squealed with delight. Following on from her extremely successful Rock ‘n’ Kohl collaboration with Selfridges¬†(which Jules wrote about here), she dazzled us with a collection so perfect, it’s hard to know where to start! Instead of taking the conventional route and releasing a generic make-up line, she took a different approach:…

Fresh & Fabulous Make-Up Tutorial

Ever woken up after a big night, looked in the mirror and wanted to scream/cry? Me too. With this in mind, I chose a particularly hungover morning to film this tutorial to show you how to make a scary face look bearable again. You’re welcome! Before you watch it, there are a few things I would like to bring to your attention: “Trusty” is my favourite word. The colour of my foundation looks completely mismatched in this video, but I assure you it’s just the lighting. In real life I didn’t look like the Oros man. I do eventually cover…